Second Circuit to Flip to Majority of Republican Appointees?


Second Circuit judge Christopher F. Droney announced today that he will take senior status on June 30, eight days after he turns 65. Droney was appointed to the district court by President Clinton in 1997 and was elevated to the Second Circuit by President Obama in 2011.

Droney’s is the second “future” vacancy on the Second Circuit. Dennis Jacobs, appointed by President George H.W. Bush, will be taking senior status on May 31.

These two future vacancies are on top of the two existing vacancies to which Michael H. Park and Joseph F. Bianco have been nominated. The Park and Bianco nominations await action on the Senate floor; I’m guessing that they will be up for a vote right after the Senate returns from its Easter recess.

When President Trump fills these four vacancies, the Republican appointees on the Second Circuit will outnumber the Democratic appointees 7-6.

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