Are Teenagers Really the People We Want Deciding the 2020 Election?


Political campaigns reasonably direct their attentions to segments of the population that are likely to support them. That is why the radical-leftist Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren campaigns spend a lot of time at colleges and universities. Undergraduate students in America are teenagers with little experience of the world, most having come to “higher education” directly from high school. It is indicative that many will admit that their priorities are to get drunk and get laid. But, with their lack of experience in the real world and their less than fully developed teenage brain, they are highly susceptible to the extremist theories that have taken over and now dominate academia: anti-male radical feminism, nihilistic postmodernism, Stalinist Marxism, neo-Marxist woke “social justice,” antisemitism, and anti-white racism.

That is why far-left Democrat candidates pander to teenage college students. These Democrat programs offer “free” tuition, as if the costs of running a university will disappear, rather than be transferred to middle-class taxpayers. Why should plumbers, truck drivers, and electricians pay the tuition for students who, even now, will benefit from their degrees? If students choose less job-oriented degrees, such as women’s studies, black studies, Hispanic studies, queer studies, and other identity subjects, they should live with the consequences of their choices, and not expect others to pay for them.

Graduates would also face higher taxes, to cover such policies as free tuition and forgiven loans. Who gets stuck with the bill is, of course, no worry for teenage students, not known for their foresight, who are as keen to get “free stuff” as Democrat campaigns are to offer it. Are eighteen-year-old teenagers really the people who should be deciding the 2020 election?

We might also want to ask whether teenagers make the best educational use of the public dollar, as many colleges and universities are public or receive public dollars. Elsewhere, students entering college or university are older, with more experience of the world. In Israel, high school graduates go directly into the military, males for three years and females for two years. So, by the time they enter university they are much more mature than American high school graduates. The military is not the only possibility; we could have a health service corps, an education service corps, an urban corps, and an international corps, in which high school graduates could gain experience while contributing to society. They would then enter university with more maturity, experience, and clarity of purpose.

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Should teenagers even be allowed to vote? They are intellectually and emotionally immature; they have little experience in the world; most remain economically dependent on their parents or on the taxpaying public. They could hardly be considered responsible citizens. But Democrats are not satisfied with exploiting the 18- to 21-year-old segment of the population. They want to lower the age of voting to 16. “On April 3, 2019, Andrew Yang became the first major presidential candidate to advocate for the United States to lower its voting age to 16.” It is always leftists who support giving the vote to children. For example:





Leftist parties cannot count on adults to believe their fairy stories, so they strive to give the vote to children, who do not know any better.

We might also want to ask what happened to our universities. How is it that our heavily subsidized public colleges and universities, as well as private ones, have come to advocate radical ideologies that aim to destroy our great Western tradition and to replace the most successful economic system the world has ever seen, capitalism, with the socialism and communism, the abject historical failures of which should be our warning. Is it not said that insanity is imposing the same mistaken economic policies over and over, expecting a different outcome?

In our colleges and universities, anti-female and racist bigotries of the past have not been rejected and replaced by liberal appreciation of all people, but replaced by anti-male reverse sexism, anti-white reverse racism, ethnic and racial segregation, and by anti-religious bigotry directed at Christians and Jews, led by university elites: feminist women’s studies professors, black studies professors, Marxist sociologists, and so-called “social justice” commissars called “diversity and inclusion” officers, highly paid members of the administration. Foundational concepts such as merit and achievement are denounced as “white male supremacy,” and the diversity attack on science is at full throttle. Race and sex favoritism is the order of the day. America’s political left, which includes most of the Democrat Party, has drawn on the most extreme university ideologies, and now wishes the federal government to impose them on everyone.


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