It’s Super Tuesday: A Sad Day for American Democracy


After today, only two Democratic candidates for president will remain standing. Amy Klobuchar, Tom Steyer, and Pete Buttigieg already dropped out before Super Tuesday. Klobuchar and Buttigieg went on to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden. They did so with only 24 hours to go until Super Tuesday. It was clearly an attempt to give Biden a last-minute, much-needed boost in a final ditch effort to derail Bernie Sanders.

Although Biden’s political views are horrible — he strongly believes in Big Government — Crazy Bernie is literally ten times worse. Sanders is a Soviet-sympathizer. This guy honeymooned in the Soviet Union when everybody knew that the Soviets had purposefully killed (and tortured and imprisoned) millions of innocent civilians purely because they had the audacity to disagree with their own government. While there, he actually very happily sang “This Land Is Your Land” while those around him were downing vodka.

Only recently, Sanders praised Fidel Castro, the Stalinist Cuban dictator who abused, oppressed, and murdered his own people for decades. But hey, he helped some poor people read, so he was a great man after all! That was Sanders’ reasoning — and he was willing to defend it publicly, on TV.

You can say a lot about Biden, but there’s a major difference between supporting ObamaCare on one hand (Biden) and glorifying murderous Marxist thugs on the other (Sanders).

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Sadly, Sanders is likely to end up the clear frontrunner after today. At the moment of writing, he has 60 delegates to 54 for Biden. But Crazy Bernie is set to win big in California, which just so happens to be the most important Democratic primary state, with 415 pledged delegates. In Texas too, he’s in the lead: 29.6% for him according to the FiveThirtyEight website versus 24.4% for Biden. This state has 228 pledged delegates and is, therefore, another major player in the Democrats’ primary process.

Yes, I know, it will almost certainly result in a brokered convention regardless, but these polls also mean that Sanders will go into the convention with a very big lead. It’ll be almost impossible for Democrats not to nominate him. If the superdelegates turn against Crazy Bernie and opt for Biden, the Democrats’ own far-left base will revolt. It’ll end up tearing apart the party. No matter how much they hate and despise Bernie, the DNC won’t do that.

I think.

No, after today, it’ll be all but certain that Crazy Marxist Bernie will be the Democrats’ presidential nominee. For the first time in history, one of the two major American parties will nominate a self-declared socialist.

Whether you hate or love the Democratic Party, that’s incredibly sad.

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