Sanders: Biden Will ‘Have to Explain’ His Record on Trade Deals, Wall Street Bail-Out, and Middle East Wars

Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks at a press conference at his campaign office in Burlington, Vt., March 4, 2020. (Caitlin Ochs/Reuters)

Senator Bernie Sanders (D., Vt.) addressed reporters Wednesday after a poor performance on Super Tuesday, arguing that Joe Biden, who surged on Tuesday, will “have to explain” his record on “disastrous” trade deals and his support of the post-2008 Wall Street stimulus package.

Sanders said Sunday that Trump would “decimate” Biden in the Rust Belt over his support of trade deals which lead to a decline in manufacturing jobs. He kept up the criticism Wednesday.

“Joe is going to have to explain to the people, and the union workers in the Midwest, why he supported disastrous trade agreements like NAFTA and PNTR with China, which have cost this country millions of good-paying jobs, and in fact have resulted in a race to the bottom where people are now earning lower wages,” he stated.

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The Vermont Senator also leveled criticisms against Biden for his support of “a Wall-Street bailout — something that I vigorously opposed,” and for serving as “a leader in getting us involved in the war in Iraq.”

“Joe is going to have to explain to the American people who are so tired of endless wars, which have caused us too many lives, destabilized many regions around the world, have cost us trillions of dollars,” Sanders said.

He also preached unifying behind his campaign, while admitting that the primary appeared to be “neck and neck” after Tuesday’s results.

“If we win it —  this I firmly believe — that we are the campaign to defeat Donald Trump,” Sanders said. “ . . . I believe that the nature of our campaign, which is grassroots, is the campaign to defeat Trump.”

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