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If the Democrat Party and its complicit media arms think the coronavirus is their latest best bet to contribute to President Trump’s downfall, to paraphrase Judas Priest, they’ve got another thing coming.

First it was the doddering Mueller, hemming, hawing, and stammering through a hearing that irretrievably collapsed the collusion hoax. Then we had the spectacle of Adam Schiff, a national embarrassment, going verklempt when he realized the impeachment Speaker Pelosi had notched on her belt was as empty as the campaign wasteland brought to you by Michael Bloomberg.

“We’re better than this,” said a weak-chinned Schiff, as he closed down the shallowest, most politically-motivated impeachment imaginable. He was correct, but not in the way he meant it. We are better than this, but he isn’t, and either is his hateful party.

Now that same unconscionable party, and media propagandists who can’t get over the near-complete evaporation of their influence, are trying to pin a virus that started in some Chinese s&%t-hole meat market on the lapel of the commander-in-chief who’s done more to muster a response to the outbreak than Obama/Biden ever did with 2009’s swine flu.

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They’re characterizing coronavirus as Trump’s Katrina. Ridiculous.

It won’t stand. It is their weakest gambit yet. Though they couch their criticisms in terms of the Trump administration’s response, the subtext of what they’re doing is to lay blame on the president for the viral outbreak itself, and by implication make it seem like whatever economic ramifications result from that outbreak are somehow Donald Trump’s fault.

Yes, presidential destinies do rise or fall based on two key factors, peace and prosperity. But the powers casting shade on Trump’s second-term prospects based on this pandemic must think that the voters who elected Trump to office in 2016 are as shallow and stupid as the Democrat impeachment. Trump is the only president in recent history to attempt to staunch the flow of foreigners into the United States, and the Democrats have deployed every legal tactic in their sovereignty-busting arsenal to stop him from doing it.

Speaking of doddering, presidential candidate Joe Biden himself castigated Trump’s early moves to shut down travel from the nexus of the virus, until somebody got him the party-line memo: No, we’re saying he didn’t do enough, that his response was late and is ineffectual, so we can’t criticize anything he did to keep potentially-infected individuals out of the country.  

They’d like to have it both ways, racist and blundering. Racist for targeting potential carriers from foreign countries, and blundering for not targeting them soon enough or thoroughly enough. They’re deluding themselves, again, if they think this COVID-19 blame-game is going to damage Trump’s chances.

Even if the coronavirus situation get’s markedly worse, which it could, but probably will not, nobody in their right mind is going to buy the B.S. line that somehow the Trump administration is at fault. Like pretty much everything else Trump has done toward the ends of national peace and prosperity, he has handled this well, definitely better than his predecessor handled swine flu out of Hong Kong. Trump’s done more to make America safe again from threats both foreign and domestic than any modern president or presidential aspirant.

Contrast that with future planned for the country by a cognitively fading Joe Biden, Cortez and her two-bit squad, Pinko Bernie, or the braying phalanx of the open-borders left. These people never met an illegal alien they wouldn’t welcome into the country, criminal, diseased, or otherwise. Now they’re attempting to make Trump responsible for something generated in a communist open-air market with bat meat on the menu.

Yes, coronavirus will have an economic impact, how serious we don’t know yet. Only a hate-sickened leftist could try to foist the idea that the president responsible for the greatest economic comeback in decades is somehow to blame for a global pandemic-related downtick.

Vice President Mike Pence has got this, irrefutably better than Vice President Biden ever had a handle on swine flu. Trump has delegated well, and will continue to perform with peak competence to counter the effects of the virus. Tests and vaccines don’t happen overnight, nor can they be effectively distributed in a heartbeat. Rest assured, Trump’s appointees and their departmental cohorts are all over this.

Whatever happens, a fair-minded and hinged (as opposed to unhinged) citizenry will see an administration doing everything possible to ward off the worst ravages of this viral agent. A winning majority will return to the polls on November 3 not blaming Trump, but thanking God that he, and not the open-borders Democrats, was in charge.

Whatever happens, whether coronavirus mutates or proliferates and becomes more deadly than it already is for some people, or remains a threat mostly to unfortunate elders, reasonable people will be extremely skeptical, if not outright offended, by bold-faced and scurrilous attempts to somehow morph this Red Chinese malady into an albatross the power-starved Democrats can hang around the president’s neck.

They cried wolf with Mueller and the Ukraine impeachment. This is the lowest, and at the same time the least plausible, anti-Trump narrative yet.

Wash your hands, stay at home if you’re sick, and unless you’re ready to welcome the whole world and its problems unchecked into America, vote Republican in November, vote Trump.

Mark Ellis is the author of “A Death on the Horizon”, a novel of political upheaval and cultural intrigue. He came aboard at PJ Media in 2015. His literary hangout is Liberty Island. Follow Mark on Twitter.


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