Rand Paul Tests Positive for Coronavirus


Rand Paul Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Kentucky Republican senator Rand Paul received test results on Sunday showing that he was infected by the coronavirus despite the fact that he had no symptoms.

A source close to Paul says the asymptomatic senator requested the test for the virus, which can cause acute respiratory problems, because he had part of his lung surgically removed last year. 

Paul attended an event in Louisiville on March 7 where two other attendees would later test positive, but the senator did not self-quarantine while awaiting test results because he did not have symptoms and did not directly interact with the two individuals who tested positive for the coronavirus, the source added.

On Sunday morning, prior to learning of his test results, the Kentucky senator even used the Senate gym. State and local officials in many parts of the country, including Washington, D.C., have closed gyms amid the coronavirus epidemic to prevent its spread.

Owing to recent interactions with Paul, Utah senators Mitt Romney and Mike Lee both announced Sunday that they will self-quarantine for 14 days.

Five Republican senators are now under quarantine.

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