HUNDREDS Protest Against Stay-At-Home Rules in Southern California on Friday


The protest occurred in Huntington Beach, south of Los Angeles, with demonstrators bashing state-government-imposed restrictions, intended as safeguards, saying they are an infringement on their rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution.

Placards held by protesters Friday held messages such as “Defy Fascist Lockdown,” “Stop the Tyranny, Open California,” and “We Deem Our Governor Non Essential,” Fox News reported.

“I don’t think there’s any reason for us to be on lockdown now,” Paula Doyle, 62, of Costa Mesa told the Los Angeles Times. “We didn’t have any dangers. We have no danger in our hospitals now of overflowing.”

“It’s not dangerous out here. It’s not,” Benny White, 33, of Compton, The Times. “I’ve seen plenty of people out here. The beaches are open. It’s a nice, beautiful day. What are we doing? Stop being a germophobe.”

“In a posting on social media Friday evening, Huntington Beach police said that while the protest was peaceful, it could have escalated into something more dangerous,” the Orange County Register reported.

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“While the department worked to get enough resources there to manage the protest effectively, the people at the location began violating some of our local ordinances regarding public assembly including walking in the middle of the street and carrying signs with large sticks that could be used as weapons,” the police department said on Facebook. “Once we had sufficient officers in place, they utilized great restraint in dealing with circumstances that could have escalated into significant police action.”

The California protest occurred the same day thousands turned out in Madison, Wisconsin, to protest Governor Tony Evers’ continued lockdown orders.

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  1. But the governor of California who enacted the shutdown is a Democrat. Did they remember that when they said it was a fascist action? Are they finally realizing that fascism is a liberal ideology?

  2. “Large sticks that could have been used as weapons”. I’m retired law enforcement and it’s not about what protesters are carrying nearly as much as who the protestors are as people. We’re talking about Huntington Beach here not some rat infested gang controlled permanent third world neighborhood like one sees east of the 405.

  3. You deserve everything that’s happening to you Californians……

    You voted this piece of shidt governor into office and now you’re complaining he’s taking your liberties away……and giving them and the jobs you used to have to ILLEGAL ALIENS…..

    November is on it’s way….ARE YOU GOING TO VOTE THESE COMMUNIST DEMON-KKK-RATS into office again…..

    Like I said….elections have consequences….YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING YOU GET……

    Vote REPUBLICAN and things will change for the better……

  4. It’s called FREEDOM and our Constitution guarantees it. If people want to go for a walk or a bike ride, I believe they have the right to do that – without government oversight. A person knows the physical and psychological damage being quarantined is doing to him/her (and the kids where applicable), and instinctively knows the cure is to go out in the sunlight and fresh air for a walk, a run, a walk with the dogs, a catch with the kids, or just sitting on a park bench. Take a hike; take photographs of changes in the neighborhood; take a book and a blanket to a sunny spot in your yard or a park and read the afternoon away. Plant some flowers and/or vegetables; mow the lawn; weed or water the gardens. Absorb some Vitamin D; breathe in the fresh air; smell the scent of flowers in bloom and budding trees; get sweaty if it makes you happy; wave to a neighbor and wish them a great day; do whatever puts a smile on your face that keeps you and others safe, because freedom also means your have a responsibility to do the right/safe thing.

  5. the People in China are not evil, They are just in psychological enslavement of Their own minds. those running China are the evil. the idea to depopulate, poison, dumb-down and pretty much disregard as a human being. there are a number of those in Congress that are just like those that are evil. if You want to sit in Your chairs, forget what You just read then You have no problem when the next tragic occurrence transpires. BUT, if You are a person who cares then don’t stay sitting down and get the truth out about those who want to commit to such satanic agendas. fight back for once in Your lives or Your lives will be in the Evil One’s hands. just think on that!

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