Former Hillary Adviser Calls On Joe Biden To Drop Out Of Race Over Sexual Assault Allegations


Some Democrats are beginning to realize that Joe Biden could be a liability for them in November.

The sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden by former Senate staffer Tara Reade have been mostly ignored by the media up until now, but that is starting to change.

As a result, people on the left are beginning to panic.

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Former Hillary adviser Peter Daou is even calling on Biden to drop out.

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The Daily Caller reports:

Former Hillary Adviser Calls Biden To Drop Out: ‘We Lose All Moral Authority’ If We Don’t Take Tara Reade Seriously

Peter Daou called Saturday for former vice president and presumptive 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden to drop out of the race.

Citing new evidence of possible sexual misconduct, Daou — who had previously advised both former Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry — argued that the party could not afford for Biden to not take the accusations of former aide Tara Reade seriously.

Daou began by saying that “BIDEN SHOULD WITHDRAW,” noting that, while he respected the will of the American people, “Credible rape accusations are disqualifying or we have NO moral standards.”

See Daou’s tweets below:

Daou’s wife is also an influential Democrat and she agrees:

This is very bad news for Biden.

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  1. I will never hire a person because they are a wonderful outstanding person. I hire them because they can get the results that I want to have. The rest just does not matter.

  2. What a joke. Daou stating the Democrats lose all moral authority if they don’t force Biden to step away from the 2020 election is so telling of how stupid these people have always been. Daou worked for the Clinton’s who were constantly embroiled in criminal scandals while Bill has been accused of multiple sexual assault over the year. Democrats have never held any moral authority.

  3. Creepy Joe should suspend his campaign, better yet he should dropout of the Presidential race. Tara Reade has been truly believable on her sexual assault claims. Why not have a conformation hearing for Creepy Joe and hear from all witnesses of evidence. Are Pencil neck and Democraps scared?

  4. the saddest part of this whole thing is is that the demon-kkk-rats do everything they can to demean PRESIDENT TRUMP by his past and still think of themselves as being pure as the ‘virgin’ snow…….


  5. In what sick, twisted universe are allegations disqualifying? At least Dems are consistent, sadly consistently stupid.

  6. …so that Hillary can run again?
    Which is worse?
    Vote Trump!
    Vote Red!
    Make America Great Again!
    ✞ God ✞ m Bless America! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. The Democrats have no “Morals” to begin with! Why do they care about what Joe did before, they’ll just glom onto him all the harder, and lie thru their collective teeth…

  8. It’s a shame everyone else withdrew anyway. Biden cant put a sensible sentence together but he gets to be the nominee?? How awful that the dems are exposed in that his VP pick was going to take over anyway. Now he is disqualified, and rightfully so, and there is no one for the deep state to control. Utterly embarrassing for our country. And I dont care what the polls show, Trump will win hands down. 2016 showed us polls are bias and wrong.

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