Iran Sinks Its Own Battleship

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The friendly fire may have killed dozens of servicemen, Al Jazeera have reported.

According to local media, an Iranian battleship was accidentally hit by a C-802 Noor missile during military exercises, causing it to sink.

ELINT News reported that the Iranian Jamaran frigate accidentally fired on the Konarak support ship with an anti-ship cruise missile during exercises.

Twitter user SkyWatcherIntel first broke the story, and included a photo of the vessel that was struck and sunk.

In mid-April, Iranian fast boats harassed U.S. Navy ships in the Persian Gulf. President Trump ordered our ships to destroy any Iranian boats that got too close.

Iran’s military is having a poor and very deadly run of form. Back in January Iranian forces shot down a Ukrainian passenger airliner they evidently mistook for a U.S. warplane.

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  1. Sorry other news items label it as a warship that was sunk killing numerous sailors.
    Friendly fire like we killed our own in Desert Storm. A helicopter shot at what they thought
    was a Russian T-55 tank and it was US Mechanized Infantry from Germany Base Garlstad. i think 1st 41st Division. True fact.

  2. According to the Iranian Navy Order of Battle, their largest surface ship is the Alvand-class frigate at 1,540 tons displacement. The Jarmaran is a Moudge-class frigate with 1,500 ton displacement. By contrast one of USN smallest combat ships is the Freedom-class littoral combat ship at 3.900 tons. The USS Iowa, an actual battleship displaces 58,400 tons. The Iranian ship sunk is hardly a “battleship.”

    1. The US Navy’s smallest commissioned ship is the Cyclone Class Patrol Ships, right around 1650 tons.

  3. Apparently whoever wrote the article has no idea what a battleship is. Maybe they should look at pictures of an Iowa class battleship before they start writing articles.

  4. Anyone who reads the article can see the vessel that was sunk was “the Konarak support ship.” Apparently the headline writer is not among those who can read the article. Nor are many of the commenters on this page.

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