Shocking video shows violent protesters drag Chicago police officers through street

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Two Chicago police officers were surrounded by protesters on Saturday — and then briefly dragged through the street.

Video footage of the incident shows two Chicago police officers attempting to arrest a protester. However, the officers were greatly outnumbered and surrounding demonstrators quickly attacked them.

The footage shows protesters hit and drag the officers, one of whom, a female officer, was dragged about 10 feet through the street.

A third officer then rushed into the chaotic scene to protect his fellow officers. But the protesters also attacked him, throwing various projectiles and fluids at the officers.

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The mayhem only ended because peaceful demonstrators separated the violent protesters from the officers.

It is not immediately clear what led up to the altercation or the specific location where it took place in Chicago.

Video of the incident had received more than 3 mililion views by Sunday morning.

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  1. why did the third officer not draw and defend? they were rioters attacking police officers at this point, shooting them to protect the officers lives would have been justifiable.
    They are criminals using a victims name and actions against him to destroy.
    Have you noticed how democrat politicians are starting to join their puppets in demonstrating. I wonder about their involvement in the “spontaneous” violent spread to other cities to keep controlling them and using them. Talk about ignorant people.

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