[Video] ‘Grief-Stricken’ Seattle Rioters Loot an AR-15 From Cop Car. What Happened Next Will Make You Cheer

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The cider-gulping, mustached-waxed, butterfly-tatted antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters nearly turned their looting and car-burning sideshow into a Dallas-level bloodbath on Saturday afternoon.

In 2016, in retaliation for police shootings nationwide, a protester and trained sniper, shot 12 Dallas police officers, killing five.

In Seattle, riotous thugs “honored” the memory of George Floyd, who was killed while in Minneapolis police custody earlier this week, by blocking Interstate 5 for most of the day in the busiest downtown portion of the freeway. They looted a Nordstrom store, smashed windows of downtown businesses and set cars on fire. It was part of a nation wide series of riots that began in Minneapolis and quickly metastasized to the West Coast and all the way to the White House gates.

Somehow in the melee, KING 5 News, captured video of bandanna wearing antifa dirtbag who stole an AR-15 type rifle from one of two smashed up police cars. The cars, one of which was burning, was tagged with the Left’s favorite anti-cop epithet ACAB – All Cops Are Bastards.

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Seattle’s Own ‘Shaft’ Came to the Riot

Knowing antifa’s thuggery and how cops are too busy to protect anyone,  one TV news station had the foresight to hire what they called a “security guard.”

This was no mall cop.

George Orwell famously said “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” And thank God a Seattle TV station hired one.

As the mayor ordered police officers and National Guard troops to corral the protesters, fetch them water and and cut their meat for them, there was this guy.


Image from Twitter video.

Q-13 News confirms that it hired Shaft (above) who looked like he was two parts top security professional and one part raw nerve.

He moved on the antifa boy and his buddies so fast, grabbed the stolen AR-15 and ejected the magazine so quickly and efficiently, without looking, that it impressed this retired cop friend who told me he was duly impressed.

“Great work. He’s good. He’s very good with firearms. Handled his Glock nicely. Snatched Stupid’s rifle, handed him off and then cleared the recovered rifle like a boss. Didn’t even have to glance to get any of the work done.”

Seattle Security Pro Disarms Antifa

This is what this fluid take-down looked like.

And here’s another angle of it.

This might become must-see TV for some security services training.

Black Lives Matter helpfully sent out this tweet to remind looters, rioters, thugs and AR-15 carriers to be safe out there.

And as for that AR-15 antifa “protester”? His mom’s going to be very upset when she goes to launder his underwear.

Bin Laden Killer SEAL Rob O’Neill’s Take on Rioters: ‘I Can’t Believe I Fought to Protect You’

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Minneapolis Mayor Says ‘Looting Unacceptable,’ Then Allows Sacking of Police Station for ‘Public Safety’

Some Unexpected Voices of Reason Emerge From the Riots

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    1. HELL, YEAH! Have you noticed these protesters in Texas are just a bit more civilized, even in Austin and Houston? We had some small issues in San Antonio, but nothing major. I think 3 were arrested.

  1. Looks quick and easy, but, this guy was cool, and executed well, while the kid who stole the rifle was stunned to see someone actually coming toward him! “Oh sh-t” over and over. I think he was talking about that mess in his pants?

    1. Very will trained and unafraid to do what was necessary!!! The POLICE should be as pro-active as this Hero was!!!

  2. This is how all patriots should handle things. These rioters are ‘pusssies’ and will cower when confronted head on. Before there were cops/sheriffs, the people took care of handling criminal activity, but then “law-enforcement” was created and the right to self-defense and right to protect property and others became taboo. If his continues it looks like “vigilante justice” will again become the norm since the cops/government won’t do their job.

  3. I wonder if the Thug rioters consider this “Hero” a racist? What do you wanna bet? Let’s see how long they riot about this because someone with cahona’s enough took away “their toy”….

    1. He took it from a white guy. They are doing most of the breaking and burning. Take a close look at the footage of the start of these riots.

  4. If it was a Police Rifle, then it was more than likely an M4, not an AR15. M4 is fully auto or select fire, AR15 is semi auto Only..

    1. Actually the “M-4” designation means that it has a shorter barrel and a collapsible stock. It has nothing to do with full/semi capability.

  5. George Soros is paying these Antifa chickens to damage every city !! They must be all sent to Gitmo along with their Nazi leader Soros!!

    1. You forgot their leader Barack Obama the anarchist and Hillary Clinton the Kremlin’s “resistance” asset bought by Putin for $145,000,000…the communist convert to Islam John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey and his crew; Al Sharpton & Eric Holder…they should all be arrested and prosecuted in a military tribunal as seditious enemies of the US, found guilty and executed by a firing squad. And heavily fine CNN and the other inciting networks for their insidious campaign to depose our duly elected President. That would solve the problem. by now we should realize Barack Obama is busy directing these riots from his mansions in DC, Martha’s Vineyard and Chicago.

  6. aren’t all weapons supposed to be locked when unattended in the vehicle? … This looks like a set-up

    1. You have to remember all locks do is slow people down the better quality the lock the more time it takes someone to get through it. Any lock can be gotten around.

  7. funny how all of a sudden the video seems to be removed……sorry but you cant hide the truth….

  8. The video would not play for me, but I’m glad that someone had the skill and initiative to get the job done. That young, dumbass might have shot some of his ANTIFA buds or maybe even himself. Now wouldn’t that have been sad?

  9. There is a very simple solution to stop these gangs of rioters. It is the employment of a simple tool.

    BELT FED 7.62×51

    All rioting stopped within minutes (and sometimes mere seconds).

  10. Everyone of them that is arrested should be marked somewhere on their body that would last the rest of their life.Oh! and use an ink or something that won’t wear or wash off. So that it will be a constant reminder of their stupidity

    1. Some of these people are, are may have been in multiple riots over the years as instigators or ring leaders!!! Photo an Finger print each one, if recaptured, YEAR”S IN PRISON!!!

  11. Why are looters not being shot on site when I was trained in anti-riot tactics that was part of my training including how to make one shot 2 kills!

    1. From my experience handling riots, protests, or whatever; once the idiots realize they might be hurt, all the fight goes out of them!

  12. I love how they say they are honoring someone by looting, burning, vandalizing and injuring innocent people all in the name of honoring someone. I think it is a bullshit way of honoring anyone I am downright ashamed to be an American anymore cuz if this is how we honor people I’d rather be dead already. This isn’t the world I grew up to believe in

  13. An interesting technique that was taught many many years ago was “Ripple Fire”. The police or troops line up with 12 gage pumps with buck shot. At the command “ripple fire” the man on the far end fires at the ground about 3/4 of the way to the line of rioters. As soon as the man next to him hears the discharge next to him he fires. Etc. all the way along the line. This continues discharge has maximum effect on the rioters minds. By aiming at the intended ground point you get maximum scattering, buckshot deformation, a lot of road debris picked up and carried along. You get a lot of hurt in the legs of the front row of advancing rioters but few if any fatalities. If the rioters continue to advance the get aim point changes to average chest height.

  14. I work in a trauma ER, EVERY day we get gun shot victims, in one 12 hour shift I have worked on 7 victims, most live but some die. Nearly all are shot by young thugs and no one protest or starts the violence we are seeing because of this one death. This death was a tragedy but the same thugs that do a lot of the shooting are using it as an excuse to cause more violence and destroy more property assisted by the gullible. All of the individuals comiting these crimes should be punished, they are not helping the problem but fueling it.

  15. You stupid cocksuckers! They are all rioting because of the hatred of black people you have so assiduously fostered, nurtured and promoted daily throughout your lives! This is your dead reckoning, assholes!!! Talk big now about “Just shoot ’em!” That won’t work anymore, because the people you’ve oppressed every day of your lives and all the white folks who know how wrong you’ve been legally, morally, physically, religiously and spiritually have started shooting back!! Get out the guns you scared shitless Second Amendment freaks have been readying for just such an occasion all your lives, knowing full well all that hate was gonna catch up with you someday!! Too bad, so sad! Even all that firepower could never be enough!!! I have been a responsible gun owner all my life, and I’m ready for anything you can bring to the picnic!!! So are millions of other good Christians who have been silent all these years watching your Judgment Day and those of all the rest of you hypocrites approach and readying themselves for your retribution!!

    1. John, calm down. You are raving like one of those rioters. I think the officer who killed his perp was too rough but the man was a criminal & resisted arrest. If he had been calm (& sober) & didn’t resist, he’d still be alive. Peaceful solutions are always better, but when they don’t work it’s time to breakout the hardware & clean house. Those rioters are wolves who prey on innocents. Innocents are the sheep. Without sheepdogs to protect the sheep, the wolves would take over.

    2. John, What a Dumb Fuck! Assholes like you shouldn’t be able to own firearms, Idiot!

  16. Definitely was wearing his big brass balls today! Sooner or later ANTIFA or BLM is going to open up in the middle of a crowd and the next civil war will be ON!

  17. Well he can spell hmmm Now who is this crackhead been voting for to run his city into the ground go ahead and turn more of your city into a Shithole because I don’t live there and have no reason to visit now come on out to where I live no police and no ?asked you and yours will rot with the roadkill!!! Any ?s

  18. I understand the police choosing to run and hide, but what idiots thought it was a good idea to abandon two AR rifles in the open in the back seats of their police cars when they bugged out.

  19. 7 simple words solve all the problems. First 3 “OBEY THE LAW”. Next 4 are “DO WHAT YOUR TOLD”.

    Absolutely none of those 7 words happened. Now just think if the first 3 words had been done none of the shit would have happened.

    I wonder how MANY BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN DAMAGE THESE ASSHO-ES have caused. The ones to pay for this will be the taxpayers. They have disgraced the tragic death of this man and have left many more victims of there total stupidity.

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