Black Lives Matter Mob Marches Through Beverly Hills Neighborhood Chanting ‘Eat the Rich’ (VIDEO)


A Black Lives Matter mob marched through Beverly Hills chanting ‘eat the rich’ on Friday night.

The mob was once again not targeting police or the government, but the homes of random citizens.

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The mob tore down American flags as they marched.

“The unlawful assembly in the area of Rexford Dr & Carmelita Ave has ended with arrests being made. Protesters have now left the City,” the Beverly Hills police tweeted.

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“To preserve the peace and tranquility of residential neighborhoods, effective tonight and until further notice, no more than 10 people shall gather in an assembly in a public right of way in a residential area between the hours of 9 p.m. and 8 a.m.,” the City of Beverly Hills said in a statement. “An assembly is defined as any gathering or group of 10 or more people on a public street, sidewalk or other public place if those 10 people have a common purpose or goal.”

“Any assembly that is silent, such as a candlelight vigil, and gatherings on private property are exempt from this emergency order,” the city added.

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