BREAKING: Thousands of guillotines pre-positioned across America for left-wing terrorists to execute conservatives, Christians and Whites in the unfolding CIVIL WAR

(Natural News)
A deep background source has provided us with a document detailing the distribution of genocide machines — guillotines — across America in preparation for a left-wing coup attempt that will see Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists literally beheading conservatives, Christians and White people.

This news comes on the heels of left-wing terrorists placing a guillotine in front of the home of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, stating, “when they become threatened, and we have no voice, the knives come out,” according to

It’s not mere symbolism: The radical Left intends to overthrow private property and private businesses across America, mass murder all political leaders and business leaders who support capitalism, and usher in an authoritarian, communist regime that will mass slaughter millions of Americans.

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Here’s a video of the left-wing terrorists who are threatening to kill Jeff Bezos and virtually all other capitalists in America as part of their violent insurrection attempt:

Over the weekend, a group of over 100 left-wing terrorists formed a mob that threatened to burn down the house of a St. Louis couple, who now famously defended their home with a pistol and an AR-15. Notably, this couple supports Black Lives Matter and donated thousands of dollars to Democrats, yet even that wasn’t enough to keep the violent mob away from their own property. (The lunatic Left always eats its own sooner or later, because they’re all deranged, mentally ill sociopaths.)

This shows that Americans are arming up as they watch the violent left-wing terrorist groups — which includes the left-wing media that’s providing narrative cover for the terrorists — initiate their takedown plan for America.

“A mob of at least 100 smashed through the historic wrought iron gates of Portland Place, destroying them, rushed towards my home where my family was having dinner outside and put us in fear of our lives,” said Mark McCloskey, as reported by KMOV4. “We were told that we would be killed, our home burned and our dog killed. We were all alone facing an angry mob…”

Notably, Jeff Bezos has bent over backwards to virtue signal to Leftists, banning conservatives books and transforming Amazon and — owned by Amazon — into something of an altar of worship for Black Lives Matter terrorists who are destroying America. But apparently that’s never enough.

The mob wants Bezos’ head. And they aren’t stopping there…

Deep source document describes thousands of guillotines being pre-positioned across America

Now, we have acquired a document from a deep background source that details estimated counts of guillotines being pre-positioned across America, ready to be deployed to mass murder conservatives, Christians, Whites and Trump supporters who end up in FEMA camps. Why guillotines? It’s the symbol of the socialist left-wing French Revolution which used guillotines to mass murder thousands of political “dissidents,” followed by the murder of revolutionaries.

According to this document, thousands of guillotines have already been placed in storage under the control of military bases and FEMA camps. Here are some of the cities where guillotines are reportedly being stored right now:

Seattle, Washington
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Topeka, Kansas
Boston, Massachusetts
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Newark, New Jersey
Wilmington, Delaware
Providence, Rhode Island
Baltimore, Maryland
Washington D.C.
Boise, Idaho
Las Vegas, Nevada
Salt Lake City, Utah
Phoenix, Arizona
Billings, Montana
Denver, Colorado
Madison, Wisconsin
Chicago, Illinois
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Atlanta, Georgia
Jacksonville, Florida
New York City, New York
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Lexington, West Virginia
Durham, North Carolina
Charleston, South Carolina
Dallas, Texas
St. Paul, Minnesota
Des Moines, Iowa
St. Louis, Missouri
Little Rock, Arkansas
New Orleans, Louisiana
Portland, Oregon
Oakland, California
Detroit, Michigan
South Bend, Indiana
Columbus, Ohio
Louisville, Kentucky
Nashville, Tenneessee
Jackson, Mississippi
Mobile, Alabama
Portland, Maine
Concorde, New Hampshire
Burlington, Vermont

And here’s a Brighteon video that adds additional information to the guillotine stockpiling:

In addition to the guillotines, many of these locations also boast “corpse processing facilities” which includes large numbers of the same type of incinerators which were ordered in large numbers under the cover of the covid-19 pandemic.

According to this source, there are literally thousands of incineration ovens positioned across America, ready to process the bodies after they are decapitated.

The document also warns of 500,000 Chinese-trained narco troops that have been positioned near the Southern border of California, in Mexico, in Tijuana, ready to invade and occupy California as part of the globalist invasion of America. Their ultimate goal is the removal of President Trump, the destruction of the U.S. Constitution and the mass killing of all conservatives, Christians and Whites.

Bapist pastor Robert Jeffress warned Lou Dobbs that radical Leftists plan to “bring out the guillotines”

The left-wing Black Lives Matter terrorist movement has morphed into a Jacobin style French Revolution “reign of terror” movement, explains Victor Davis Hanson at He says:

I never imagined that NPR would be telling listeners to decolonize their library or there would be women to shave their heads so they wouldn’t have non-African American hair, or they wouldn’t privilege their whiteness. When you have FBI people or health care workers that are in reeducation camp mentalities, where they bend a knee, take a formal oath… We’re entering a space now that’s even transcending the violence. We’re in a revolutionary fervor that’s going to change everything we look at, from our sports to our politics, everything.

Responding to the left-wing “reign of terror” movement, Baptist pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas told Lou Dobbs that Leftists are going to “bring out the guillotines” if they regain the White House in November. As explained on

The forces behind the French Revolution were out to eliminate people of faith as the enemies of France and to shut the mouths of God-fearing dissenters. They even placed a nude statue of a woman on the altar in the church at Notre Dame and proclaimed the God of Christianity dead. Soon thereafter, the French government collapse…

…some scholars note how practitioners of occultism comingled with evil nonhuman energies that emanated from their actions, symbols, and incantations and that, once summoned, were released upon a gullible society to encourage a destructive collective group mind. As people passed these “thoughtforms” or memes from one to another and the ideas became viral, the power and reach of “the entity” spread with it until it became an unimaginably destructive force.

FEMA camps will be used to execute tens of millions of Americans who can’t be “re-educated” into socialists and communists

I recently interviewed Celeste Solum, a former FEMA camp administrator, who warns that FEMA has long been planning to enslave and then exterminate tens of millions of Americans.

This genocidal attack on Christians and conservatives is likely being unleashed this year, warns Celeste. And guillotines are already distributed across America, stored in FEMA camps, ready to deploy as mass murder machines. Why guillotines? They’re low-tech and have just one moving part. They don’t break down and require no ammunition, no electricity and no fuel to operate. Unlike all other death machines, guillotines can be effectively used even when societal infrastructure is crippled.

Plus, guillotines are so simple that even people as stupid as Democrats can figure out how to use them. (Although it’s questionable whether basement-dwelling Antifa soy boys have the physical strength to reset the blade after each beheading…)

By the way, the solution to stopping people from using guillotines is to shoot the people who are operating them, in case you were wondering.

Here’s the full interview:

The plan all along has been to corral the masses into FEMA camps

The bottom line? The radical, terroristic Left is pursuing a playbook of mass murder targeting conservatives, Christians and Whites. Everything you’ve seen this year — COVID-19, the plandemic economic collapse, the false flag riots — was engineered and deployed in order to push people into starvation and destitution in order to drive the masses into FEMA camps by the end of this year. Once there, people will be sorted into communist “sympathizers” vs. “resistance,” and those who resist communism will be beheaded, with their corpses burned in Nazi-style ovens, run by obedient left-wing lunatics like Antifa, Black Lives Matter or just ordinary Democrats who are willing to follow orders no matter how insane they might be.

The only thing that will stop all this, it turns out, is the Second Amendment.

Lock and load, America. This whole situation goes kinetic very, very soon, and once it does, the only way America survives is if American citizens defeat the domestic enemies who are trying to tear this country down.

Achieving victory is not possible to achieve through negotiations, appeals to reason or voting at the polls, since the lawless Left has already rigged the media, the tech giants and the elections (through cheat-by-mail schemes and Big Tech election rigging operations). Victory will only be achieved through the eradication of all treasonous enemies of America and authoritarian fascists who have already admitted their goal is the mass murder of conservatives, Christians and Whites across America.

Remember: The Left is a dangerous CULT that indoctrinates people with ginned up fanaticism, transforming them into obedient puppets filled with emotional rage and bigotry. You can’t reason with cult members, as they are immune to logic and facts. They live in a delusional bubble of contradictory lies and hate-fueled disinformation that’s pushed out by the corporate media, the CIA and the communist-infiltrated tech giants like Facebook and Twitter.

To survive, America must annihilate the cult of left-wing terror

Now, to survive, America must annihilate the cult and end the spell of frothing delusion that has ensnared tens of millions of people into believing Black Lives Matter somehow isn’t a George Soros-funded militant terrorism group that’s trying to overthrow this nation. It’s amazing how quickly a wave of terrorism can be halted if a nation simply decides to fight back against anarchy and lawlessness.

If we fail to fight back — or end up paralyzed by a twisted desire to obediently conform to the sniveling social media mob — we all end up in Nazi-style FEMA camps where we will be literally beheaded by drooling left-wing fanatics who have been brainwashed into believing they are “fighting fascism,” even as they are the authoritarian fascists themselves.

Finally, if you end up in a FEMA camp because you didn’t bother to prepare with enough food, firearms, ammunition and water to make it through the coming disruptions, that’s your own damn fault for being so stupid that you didn’t bother to prepare. The only sure way to stay out of the FEMA camps is to practice self-reliance on every front (and get out of the cities while you still can).

If you do end up in a FEMA camp, don’t think the militia is coming to save you, by the way. They’ll be too busy fighting the UN troops who will be occupying America under the rule of none other than Barack Hussein Obama. (Yes, he’s coming back, and as a radical Muslim extremist, he’s plotting the complete destruction of America.)

Your best play here is to fight like hell to stay out of the FEMA camps, since going into one is basically surrendering to being slaughtered. They might not even bother to vaccinate you, since they’re going to kill you anyway.

None of this is fiction, by the way. This is what’s coming, and I’m not pulling any punches here. Deal with it now or be destroyed by it later.

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    1. amen, No man comes to the father but by me. He who hath the son hath life, he who hath not the son hath not life.

    2. It is Sunday, May 9th, 2021, and I’m sitting here listening to a Brighteon video interviewing Celeste Solum, where at around the 26 minute mark she talks about guillotines, saying she has the government documents on how to build better, more efficient ones, and how they’ve been distributed around the United States. You non-Christians who are calling us fools, saying these are nothing but lies, YOU will be the ones cutting OUR heads off, because you have already refused the mercy God holds out to you. Receive Jesus as your Lord and savior while there is yet time. Jesus said, “Whoever seeks to save his life WILL LOSE IT, but whoever loses his life for My sake will FIND IT.” You want to be on the LOSE IT side of the FIND IT side? The choice is yours.

    1. Unfortunately, it is not. Will you still be screaming that as you are dragged to one? It is true that Celeste Solum worked years at FEMA and when she was offered a high ranking position she was informed that the camps are to imprison American citizens. Dr.Richard Day in 1969 described this as well. I highly recommend you listen to it. Bill Cooper warned us about this in 1991. It goes on and on. You and I wish it was horse shit but you need to prepare.

  1. The only evidence cited was the mention of a document from a deep source, and the reference to an interview with a former FEMA employee… Can we see the document? Do you have any corroboration? This is on par with CNN levels of journalistic laziness

    1. Celeste Solum is on youtube and she has a website. I have heard it out of her own mouth on video. She worked for FEMA for years and she was hired for a high level position and she was informed that the FEMA camps were to imprison and execute Americans. We were also warned of this by Bill Cooper in 1991 and Dr.Richard Day in 1969, he was a Rockefeller Institute and Director of Planned Parenthood. I highly recommend you listen to what he said or look up what he had to say. It is chilling. It’s also interesting how dozens of left wing figures are calling for Trump supporters to be placed on a list and “re-educated”

    1. Yes, especially since several people on the left are literally calling for Trump Supporters to be put on a list and to burn the Republican party down. Bill Cooper warned us in 1991 in Behold a Pale Horse, Dr.Richard Day Rockefeller Institute and Director of Planned Parenthood laid it all out in 1969 which btw I highly recommend you look what he said up. It is very dark and disturbing

    1. yes it is. Denial will only lead them to the slaughter house. I highly recommend you look up Dr.Richard Day 1969 conference he held where he told a room full of doctors how the world was going to change/nwo. He worked at the Rockefeller Institute and was the Director of Planned Parenthood

  2. I think you have it backwards. It will be the roundup of Antifa and BLM activists and rioters who will be rounded up and shoved into FEMA camps that will face the execution by guillotine once the deep state traitors are sent to be hanged at GITMO. American society will be purged of these violent anarchists and left wing insurgents.

    1. In an ideal setting yes, but we the people are the persecuted let’s pray that God delivers us from these TYRANTS # SAVE THE REPUBLIC!

  3. You communists, when you wake me from my slumber. You will rot where you stand and fertilize the soil for my grandchildren and my country will grow back to it’s original intent. My intent was peace
    but you have goaded my gentle ways
    and I will be upon you and you will see fear as you never have seen and in the end all of you will wither

    1. Spoken like a fascist Alan. Read your history books you neanderthal. Fascists and communists always call Conservatives and Libertarians Fascists. It’s the classical role reversal. The very thing you are actually DOING, you accuse other people of doing. The Black Lives Matter organization is one of the largest if not THE largest racist, bigoted, self-entitled bunch of people I have ever seen. My grandfather was black, and I’m mixed, and most black people think Black Lives Matter and the Left Wing lunatics are the real racist, race baiting bigots. Search YouTube for Officer Tatum. He was once a police officer and he is black. You are just a lazy intellectual that doesn’t fucking study and has no formal education. If you being an actual communist or fascist want communism or fascism, move to China or North Korea. You would feel at home there. “victimized” here, you would be a true victim of the ignorant belief system you truly espouse to.

  4. You think this is bad. Eternity in hell will be worse. I pray that this will not happen but never the less God’s will be done. I know that as a believer in the finished work of the Cross of Christ and believing in the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ that because of believing that I am saved by his grace through faith. This great salvation is for all of us today in this age of grace. Simply believe. That is all that is required to place you in Christ. All you have to do is believe and Christ will do the work in you. It does not matter what you have done or what you are doing now. Christ paid the whole worlds sin debt in full when he hung on the cross, before you were ever born and that is why he said to the Father, ” it is finished” He took every sin past, present and future that you have ever committed. He forgave us all trespasses. As believers we may have to suffer a little for our belief but so be it! The Bible says ” to be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord ” They can kill our body but they can not destroy the spirit of God in us. They are of there father the devil and they hate Christ and that is why they want to destroy us. We know who already own though. don’t we. In Christ, love you all! ps. Come and get me!

    1. Amen i pray that all can hold on to faith in the face of the evil that approaches and not let go. Forever And Evermore Amen.

  5. Well, can’t we find out exactly where these fema camps are and destroy them?? How hard is that?? I am trusting that Trump is aware of all of this, which is the only thing that is keeping me from doing something about this. I would rather have a civil war than people being slaughtered through concentration camps willingly or unwittingly. The media needs to go. Now!!!! People are already dying from the vaccines, famous people. I am not running away, I will be part of the resistance!!!!

    1. Let’s hope the last arrow in the quiver (MILITARY TRIBUNALS) hits it’s mark against the evildoers trying to destroy our country. And Let Us restore normalcy.

  6. Wait a second. You said that the guillotines are under control of the MILLITARY?????????????? The military that is supposed to protect us. The military that is at the white house right now????

    What is the relationship between FEMA and the military. FEMA Sucks!!!!!!!!! I don’t think our military, who is rescuing children from child traffic and adrenochrome harvesting is going to be involved with mass murder of americans. I think the guillotines were initially intended for christians and americans, but now, like Hayman in the book of Esther will be used for the perpetrators of this horror show. This is my hope!!

  7. If a poster such as Ginger suggests Celeste Solum says something about these guillotines, don’t you think it’s worth investigating? Especially as she is a whistle blower and worked for FEMA.
    I did research on her and also on Dr. Richard Day.

    You cant use Google anymore and Wikipedia seems like it just does what it’s told. Nobody can use them to spread the word about the dangers of getting vaccinated. These doctors and others who try get banned.

    I know guillotines in FEMA camps sounds over the top but so did the 9/11 incident being an inside job/false flag when that was what was.
    Lee Harvey Oswald did not shoot president Kennedy with a rifle where it’s bullets do U turns either. You have to do something about these things. Who believes the government investing the government will find it guilty?

    You Americans (I’m from Australia) have to face the fact that your government is run by psychopaths who have puppets as presidents. It similar everywhere, here also, but very much worse in America.
    IMO it doesn’t matter if they are, Republicans or Democrats. Biden was pre-chosen to carry our the globalists/elitists agenda. No way did he win that election fairly. It was the globalists who made sure he “won.” They are less than 1% of the world’s population but own about half it’s wealth and money can buy whatever and almost whoever they want.

    You have a saying there: It doesn’t matter who you vote for, the government always wins. In other words, different sides on the same coin. Did Trump make America great again? Did he drain the swamp? Did he put Hillery Clinton in Jail? He did play golf with husband Bill but that’s not what he promised. I see he is recommend these vaccinations now.

    As bad as some of them have been, you have a shocker now.
    “Come one, come all from Mexico. That wall is nothing to be concerned about. You are all welcome here. While I’m about it, I’ll release prisoners that have not committed a violent crime and I might even defund some more state’s police.” I have trouble thinking now but not when it comes to Executive Orders. I think I’ll write some more.
    Unbelievable that it has gotten this far.

    1. fuck you you anti trump aussie shithead go fuck yourself australia will be part of china the way you are going.quit getting drunk and save your continent.trump was the only president who listened tio the people and delivered.but youre a liberal race traitor so you wouldnt understand.

    2. you are absolutely right, in the end times people will have itching ears and will not listen to the truth, I only listen to and place faith in God, bless you

  8. let those pussies try something their lame guillotines will be easily destroyed as well as their confidence when were gunning those race traitor and blm scum down like dogs.this article gives the impression were helpless fact is we are the fastest growing most well armed group in america.conservatives and whites wont ever be defeated by third world pinheads and antifa homos.they use the media to seem bigger and badder than they are and we will prove that.hook noses are at the center of globalism,thats who we should focus on eliminating.

  9. Fascinating comments section, it’s like if everyone that read The Onion believed it.
    You do know this is an ironic news site, right?
    You’re obviously being pranked by some democrat-voting high school students.

  10. This is all BS. As a former combat veteran and cop, I can tell you with serious confidence the left would be way to busy covering their butts from serious problems to use these devices! They will not control anything but the cities and other population centers, even with the help of incompetent UN troops!
    We will control the food, energy, and water access! They will use these machine on each other to feed themselves!

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