VIDEO: Man shopping in store has perfect response to women who accost him for not wearing mask

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A video of a man shopping in what appears to be a Walmart store went viral last week after he defended himself from two women who accosted him for not wearing a mask despite minding his own business.

“Take a picture of me, does that make you feel better?” the man tells the woman. “Why don’t you get a life lady? Going around, taking pictures of people? I feel so sorry for you.”

According to the woman behind the camera, the man’s crimes were not wearing a mask and not following the direction arrows on the aisle. After 30 seconds into the interaction, the woman tells her mother — who also filmed the interaction — to call 911.

“You people are like monkeys falling out of a tree!” the man exclaimed, before flipping his middle fingers toward both women.

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The man then mockingly tells the second woman to go “burn something down” or “tear a monument down,” to which the first woman replied, “Are you burning crosses?”

“You people are f***ing idiots,” the man responds.

Shockingly, the first woman then tells the man, “Good luck with the virus. Good luck with the virus. Your whole family tree is getting cut off at its roots.”

All the while, the man continues to look for the item that he sought to purchase.

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