Larry C. Johnson: Someone is Lying About Covid


Guest post by Larry C. Johnson

Claims by the media and the ego maniac Dr. Fauci about a tidal wave of Covid infections, I have first hand, albeit anecdotal evidence, that there is a lot of bullshit surrounding reports of people who have “tested” positive for Covid. My old friend Janet, who was the GM of a very popular hair salon, heard yesterday from two of her former employees that they had “tested positive” for Covid. At first she was very alarmed and concerned for there welfare until she heard the rest of the story (Paul Harvey’s signature line). Both reported neither had been to any testing facility nor had they provided any sample of any body fluid. But both were notified in the mail that they had “tested positive.”

Then there is my friend Rob. I learned from him this week that four of his buddies in the Miami area had gone to a testing facility and had filled out paperwork in preparation for being tested for Covid. But faced with a long line and interminable wait they drove off and did not have any samples collected. But guess what? All four were informed that they too were “positive” for Covid.

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While this is anecdotal, these accounts are real and are not just isolated mistakes. Somebody in the testing chain is playing a dangerous, dishonest game. Informing perfectly healthy people that they have a positive result for a disease they have never been tested for is nothing more than Mega Bullshit.

TRENDING: Woman Thrown to the Ground, Suffers Broken Leg After Telling Someone to Wear a Face Mask at New Jersey Staples Store (VIDEO)

I only know one person in my social network that has had Covid. He was never hospitalized and only felt tired and decided against spending the day skiing at Vail. I am not denying that Covid is real and that some people are infected by it, some are hospitalized and some die. But it is a very small percentage.

Here is the latest run down of what is going on at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. These are their figures, not mine:

Hospital / ICU Capacity

Total hospital beds: 839

Today’s patient census: 593

Today’s COVID+ patients total: 102 (103 yesterday)

Total ICU beds: 72 *

Today’s ICU census: 61 (51 yesterday)

COVID+ patients in ICU today: 25 (no change from yesterday)

* SMH increased its ICU capacity from 62 to 72 beds in June and has enough ventilators to create more than 100 ICU beds, if needed, to manage a surge.

COVID-19 Test Results

7-Day SMH positivity rate: 6.9% (down from 7.9% on July 24)

Patients who have tested positive (excluding repeat positives): 680 **

Patients who have tested negative: 11,042 **

** Reflects patients tested through SMH systems since March 2.

COVID-19 Patient Update ***

Patients hospitalized since outbreak began: 606 (598 yesterday)

Patients successfully treated/discharged: 580 (573 yesterday) {inpatients and patients treated in the ER but not hospitalized}

Patient deaths: 57 (56 yesterday)

*** Reflects cumulative number of patients treated at SMH since outbreak began in March.

While the media is busy telling you about Florida being a veritable hotbed of plague, the fact is that since March 1st, there have been a total of 57 deaths from Covid. I am sure that those who lost loved ones are generally sad about that, but in Florida where I live, we have lots of elderly souls who are dying every day. Let us put this in perspective–one person is dying from Covid at Sarasota Memorial Hospital every three days. The death rates from cancer and heart disease are probably higher.

And then we have Dr. “NO OPINION” Fauci. Except, he seems to have an opinion on a wide variety of topics that pander to Democrat propaganda memes. There is no logic nor consistency to Fauci’s pronouncements.

Early on Fauci proclaimed that Covid:

…is not a major threat to the people of the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.

What about masks? He told 60 Minutes in March:

“No, right now, people should not be wearing — there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask, . . . “When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better, and it might even block a droplet. But it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is,” Fauci 3.0 continued. “And often there are unintended consequences; people keep fiddling with the mask, and they keep touching their face.”

All true. It was true then and is true now. But not in Fauci world. Executing an intellectual backward somersault reminiscent of gymnast Nadia Komenich’s flips in her prime, Fauci reversed himself, sort of:

But, he added, once it became clear people can spread the virus without knowing they’re sick, public health leaders realized the message needed to change.

“We have people who may not even know they’re infected and are inadvertently infecting others,” said Fauci.

So, does that mean that protestors at a Black Lives Matter riot or an Antifa fire bombing party must wear masks? Oh hell no. Even though Fauci now claims masks are essential to public health he insists he has no opinion on requiring masks for masses of disgruntled souls keen on torching their cities. Really?

What about strangers having sex? Masks required. Nope says Dr. Fauci, now convinced that he is the 21st Century version of Dr. Ruth, only taller.

What about people gathering in churches to worship in groups larger than 50? Verbotten says Herr Fauci unless you are Democrats attending one of the multiple funerals for deceased civil rights icon John Lewis, then it is okay to have a large gathering and forget about social distancing.

What Fauci and his media enablers are forgetting is that most Americans, even though a majority no longer work on farms, smell this bullshit ten miles away. It is rancid and putrid.

Thanks to Congressman Jim Jordan for calling out Fauci on his selective opining about what is and is not required for good public health:

[embedded content]

It is now clear that Fauci’s dismal performance in trying to throw out the first pitch at the opener for the Washington Nats is a great metaphor for his competence as a Physician. Word to Fauci–Shut Up!

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  1. Y is the USA.EU and UK not bothered,about the COVID deaths in their part of the world ?

    Could it be that they want it ? Who are the dead ? The dead are the pensioners, and the persons,who are fatally sick.dindooohindoo

    The gainer in every combo,is the West – which makes one wonder,how the COVID magically mutated in its new avatar.

    Posit No.1

    Assuming that these dead persons in the West,had a residual life of 15 years, and we can assume that,by August,2020,there will be around 600000 dead in the West.

    The pension to a pensioner,would not be less than 12,000 USD per annum, on an average,at the minimum.In addition, the medical and other social costs,on an aged pensioner,would be not less than another 8,000 USD per annum.

    If they die,then on 6,00,000 people,if the West saves 20,000 USD per annum, you net USD 12 Billion,PER ANNUM – which will be around 200-300 billion for 15 years

    One could argue that the US Fed just printed,the USD 12 Billion – but now it need not.The Youth in the west,had to work at high rates of tax and deductions – to finance the aged pension and health care benefits – which ultimately,led to outsourcing.

    The scam would be shocking,if the dead,had no insurance ! That would be telling ! If 6,00,000 are dead,with insurance and an average insurance claim,of USD 1,00,000 – then you have a bomb – to wipe out the insurers.

    If 10 million die – we are looking at net savings of USD 200 billion per annum and USD 3 Trillion over 15 years.This will also solve the health insurance problems in the US/EU,as the high claim insurers,will cease to exist – and thus lower the insurance costs,for the young,and the cost of labour in manufacturing.

    If the aggregate savings on pensions and medical costs are USD 100,000 per annum,then on 10 million dead,we have a saving of ISD 1 trillion per annum,as a perpetual annuity (which is the minimum target – I suspect) – as the strategem ,is to kill people,with co-morbidities – and these are the people,who are a burden on the medical and pension infrastructure.

    So the private LIFE insurers,take a 1 time HIT,in terms of claims paid out – and the state,gets a recurring benefit,in terms of pensions and health care costs – of which,some of the gains of the state,are passed back to the insurers,to offset the claim losses (and keep insurance rates low),and some of the gains to the state, are passed back to the residual young population,to reduce the rates of medical and life insurance.

    Posit No.2

    Large number of services and industries,in the west,will die out.That will release labour and reprice resources and rents – to drastically lower costs – and that will make,”Make in USA”, viable

    How will the state finance the loss of tax revenue and GDP.Ultimately,the state will have to demonetise the deposits, in banks, of the westerners.Simple ! The USA will not be able to demonetise the PRC holdings of US T-bills – not even if the PRC sinks a US aircraft carrier in the South China Sea.

    Posit No.3

    All the nations who borrowed loans from PRC – will now force the PRC to do debt write offs.That will be a huge loss to the PRC,after the manufacturing shift from PRC to West.Post COVID,If 200 million people are unemployed in PRC – then you have Tiananmen – Part 2 – and then a PRC attack,on the Indian weasels, and US satellite states,like Taiwan.and new stooges like Vietnam.

    Of Course,the PRC could also force the IMF,and the WB,to waive loans – but the harm to the PRC,will be done 1st.

    Posit No.4

    Trump postpones the US Polls,as people cannot stand in queues,and no electioneering,is possible – and he has the cure – and by September,the pensioners are dead – death rate and infections rates drops ….. who is the gainer ? If Trump is winning – Putin will stay calm – else,he might attack Eastern EU.If Trump is winning – then it will be the last chance for PRC to annex Taiwan and Vietnam – and make Trump lose face. But the odds of PRC action is medium.

    Posit No.5

    With massive unemployment in the West – the migrants will exit.Asians were made to clean toilets – that is their worth.They will exit.That will solve the migrants problem,rents and property rates will fall,labour will reprice,and the Westerners,will have to,start to work

    The West has to take a BIG PICTURE view.South East Asia and Indian and Nepal ,are over populated,and there is no humanity there.There is no sentience,in the “so called humans”.They are robots – and 80% of them,have to die.Their time is over – they are obsolete, a dead weight,and a burden on earth.This will de-price the resources sector,lower demand,and solve the environment problem,forever.

    Africans have been exploited,for at least ,2000 years – and they deserve,many more chances.

    There are 3 simple steps

    Are the “so-called humans” – having a “sentience” – to be assessed based on their “individual and collective actions”
    If not,then they are “robots”
    It is time to “terminate the robots”

    It is the moral and ethical solution.They are redundant and obsolete,and there is no purpose served,by their existence.Nations in Asia,will not be able to feed or employ these worms,and that will cause strife.hate,violence, genocide,jingoism and the rise of right wing=demagogic demonic dictators – and then, catacylysmic wars – which will ultimately,harm the West. Anywhich way,the robots will be purged – Virus is better than nukes – for the bots,and the environment.

    The COVID antibodies,will ultimately reside in 7 billion people,and those,are the receptors,of the next,”terminal bio-weapon” which will hook on those humans, and then based on a mix of the DNA,Genes,latitudes and morbidities – terminate the robots.

    It is all evolution.

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