BREAKING: NEW VIDEO Shows Kenosha Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse May Have Been Shot At First (VIDEO)


BREAKING: There is new evidence that young Kyle Rittenhouse may have been shot at first. If so, this offers even more evidence that the 17-year-old was acting in self defense when he shot at least three men in Kenosha, killing two.

On Tuesday night two people were killed in the continued violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Three victims  were shot by the same shooter, a 17-year-old by the name of Kyle Rittenhouse.
Newly uncovered video evidence indicates the shooter may have fired in all cases in self-defense. Three shooting victims who attacked Rittenhouse have arrest records and may be felons and one was carrying a handgun possibly illegally.

We reported earlier how young Rittenhouse may have acted in self defense when he fired shots in Wisconsin based on the fact that he appears to be under attack at the time of the shootings.

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Now this – young Rittenhouse may have been shot at first!

A video has surfaced of young Rittenhouse being fired at first:

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The video is at night and not totally clear but it appears to show young Rittenhouse being shot at first.

If true, this changes everything and adds more to Rittenhouse’s defense that he was acting in self-defense.

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