‘Insurgency is as insurgency does’: Steve Deace DESTROYS BLM rioters

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Thursday, Steve Deace tore into the argument that the president must have an invitation from a governor to restore order in Kenosha, WI, and other cities on fire at the hands of Black Lives Matter rioters. According to Deace, if what happened in Kenosha happened to an American embassy abroad, we would have already acted. Watch the clip for more details.

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  1. This insurgency is owned and promoted by the Democrat Party and it should be charged to them and George Soros. Sedition is a crime and they wear it proudly.

    1. Why doesn’t someone write an expose on G Soros and let everyone know what comp. he owns and all his dirty deeds. He is 100% Ah*le

  2. BLM & Antifa goals: Destroy America:

    o Trace finances from Soros
    o Tap comm lines, used by locals IE NYC Seattle for riots
    o ID logisitcs :weapons, bricks
    o Raid the above sources.
    o Prosecute
    o refill jails with these vs those in prison for Non violent crimes


  3. The Liberal Democratic party is promoting disrespect and lawlessness by supporting those who have died while disobeying police directives. All the shootings could have been avoided if only they did not resists, ignore and run from the officers commands. It is not just a Black and White issue it is total ignorance of Lawful orders, Stop, do not resist, it is as simple as that! If it were a true Black Lives Matter issue the same demonstrators would protest Mr. Bernell Trammell death by shooting. But not a word said about him only because he was promoting Republican President Donald Trump. Has this nation become so blind that they can not see this?

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