Portland Mayor denounces nightly riots, promises business leaders he will do something to improve downtown


Earlier this week a Portland development company sent a rather blunt letter to Mayor Ted Wheeler and the city council warning that businesses were planning to leave the city because of the nightly riots. “If you know a retail or office broker, give them a call and ask them how many clients they have are trying to leave,” he wrote.

Mayor Wheeler apparently got the message and last night he made a speech in which he came about as close as he has come yet to denouncing Antifa/BLM/the nightly riots in his city. After a bit of throat clearing he said, “We also have to be honest with ourselves even as those around us, the president in particular, traffic in dishonesty and an attempt to stoke fear. The honesty is the acknowledgement that we as a city are helping to feed and fire the hysteria.

“We, and I put myself at the top of that list as the city’s mayor, we have allowed our proud tradition of progressive protest to be stolen by a few dozen individuals engaged in violence and criminal destruction. They’re intent on creating mayhem and attacking and harming people, not just property.”

“Enough is enough,” the mayors said. “It’s time to rise up and to take immediate steps to repair and beautify our city.”

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A moment later, Wheeler made reference to the attack on Adam Haner: “Rising up to decry structural racism is a noble cause; pulling people from their vehicles and beating them in the street is a horrific, violent crime.” He then suggested he wanted protesters and police to “virtually lock arms” to end the violence.

Good luck with that one, Ted.

After announcing all of this last night, Wheeler met today with business leaders to discuss their issues and his plans to improve things. One of the people he met with was Andrew Hoan, head of Portland’s equivalent of the Chamber of Commerce:

“It is absolutely catastrophic how many individuals are now on our streets,” Hoan said.

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  1. I appreciate the rare honesty that we can see in this article about Portland these days, and we must all remember the criminal politicians & government workers who have betrayed the public trust! The city of Portland, and a few others, have been sold out to the criminal socialist/communist agenda, and they shall never regain the previous reputation that took many decades to build with stolen taxpayer funds. Americans need more laws to be able to remove these corrupt and incompetent politicians and government employees, but NOT more laws that can be used against the American citizens. Government NEEDS to be held directly responsible! We need more laws to be able to make these criminals in government responsible for their failings and criminal acts against The US Constitution and the will of the American people! Portland used to be a nice city and now only a fool looking for trouble would spend any time or money there. I feel horrible for all of the good Americans who have invested so much time, energy, and money, to attempt to make Portland a decent place over the years, only to see it all destroyed because of the criminals in government! People who vote for criminals do deserve exactly what they get, but people who stand by and tolerate anyone in government who fails to do their most important job to provide a safe environment for people always deserve what they get! Oregon has many of the best Americans alive, but like many other states they have been overrun by criminal politicians who have overtaken the major cities to be able to destroy a once great state! If Americans can’t demand criminal prosecutions of the criminal politicians and government employees, then the American citizens need to take matters into their own hands as prescribed by The Constitution! When the legal system and courts fail, it is time for all good Americans to do their most sacred duty to protect ALL Americans from the terrorists within the American government everywhere!!!

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