Deadly Portland Shooting Caught on Video


The deadly shooting in Portland, Oregon Saturday night was captured in video. The video shows two men in the street with one firing two shots and running away. The victim took a few steps and then collapsed on the pavement. The video was taken during a Facebook livestream by Justin Dunlap. It is not clear from the video if either man had anything to do with the clashes between the pro-Trump caravan and Antifa-Black Lives Matter rioters.

A puff of smoke from gunshots in deadly Portland shooting can be seen in the left center of this screen image, via Justin Dunlap/Facebook.

Video clip posted to Twitter:

Justin Dunlap’s Facebook video. Scroll to the 18 minute mark for the shooting.

TRENDING: Kyle Rittenhouse Was Working as a Lifeguard in Kenosha the Day of the Shooting, Went to Clean Vandalism at School After Work

Portland, Or. Night 95 I think? #dontshootpdx #PortlandProtest #BlackTransLivesMatter #BLM #BlackLivesMatter

Posted by Justin Dunlap on Saturday, August 29, 2020

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  1. Is anybody really surprised? The lawlessness that has allowed to fester should not be unexpected at this point. To the Portland mayor: What you allow is what you promote. You have promoted an atmosphere of lawlessness. The blood of these victims rest squarely on you.

    1. The blood of this victim lies not only on the Mayor, the Mayor is directed by none other than the Democrat house speaker, Nancy Pelosi, has publicly called for this violence as well as Maxine Waters, the Democrat party has been caught bailing out these criminals and Democrat states have let out known criminals from prisons all over the Nation.

      Where is the DOJ? Where is the action that should be taken for allowing Politicians to act as the same Animals they protect.

  2. America has been really patient with these antifa/BLM fools. It was only a matter of time before folks showed up to oppose these sh**heads.

    And anyone with two brain cells knows that this has nothing to do with black lives. This is anarchy and opportunism plain and simple. A chance for people who are angry at society, for whatever reason, to glom onto a cause and act out in its name.

    Most of them are middle and upper class white folks between the ages of 16 and 35 who have felt marginalized their entire lives, like the goth kids or stoners from high school, who can’t function normally as adults.

    This is their chance to make everyone else pay. Basically it’s a bunch of losers led by trained organizers, taking advantage of them and using them as fodder. That said, it is easy to lead fools to their destruction. And everyone one of them that catches a bean bag round, rubber bullet or a face full of pepper spray, earned what they got.

    Most have gotten off easy. In my world, if you light a Molotov cocktail you just earned a 168gr soft nose boat tail right to the chest. Nothing discourages people from throwing them like the sight of their compadres body on the ground and on fire.

    1. Are you actually from Cork? Cork City or the County. I live in the teeming metropolis of Barraduff. I totally agree with your post. It looks like all-out war in the streets of the States is on the horizon.

  3. DEATH TO BLM and ANTIFA. Stack those body bags as high as the new Southern Border Wall.

  4. They call it president Trumps America when it’s clear that the Democrats are funding it, promoting and allowing it Happen. It’s time for the president to send in the troops with specific orders to do whatever is necessary to stop the violence. The only citizens that will oppose it will be the ones in on it.

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