INSANE: Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Blames Trump for Deadly Shooting

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Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler gave a press conference on Sunday regarding the fatal shooting of a Trump supporter Saturday night. Wheeler bordered on insanity in his remarks, simultaneously blaming President Donald Trump for the violence and saying that not enough evidence existed to determine if the shooting was politically motivated. The chilling effect of his remarks was to imply, essentially, that Trump supporters had it coming.

In the ultimate expression of Trump Derangement Syndrome, Wheeler ignored the swarms of antifa rioters from out of state, warning out-of-state right-wing agitators not to come to Portland for “retribution.”

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The shooting occurred as a pro-Trump rally was winding down, after a caravan of around 600 cars paraded from Clackamas, a suburb to the south of Portland, into downtown. In his press conference, Wheeler said his heart was with the family of the man killed, and then launched into a lengthy attack on President Trump, clearly intended to pin blame on him for the shooting.

“Yesterday’s events began with hundreds of cars filled with supporters of the president, rallying in Clackamas County and then driving through downtown Portland,” Wheeler said. “They were supported and energized by the president himself. President Trump, for four years, we have had to live with you and your racist attacks on black people. We learned early about your sexist attitudes towards women. We’ve had to endure clips of you mocking a disabled man. We’ve had to listen to your anti-democratic attacks on journalists. We’ve read your tweets slamming private citizens to the point of receiving death threats, and we’ve listened to your attacks on immigrants.”

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The long laundry list of complaints kept going, ultimately leading to Wheeler’s accusation that the riots plaguing American cities were the fault of President Trump. “It’s you who have created the hate and the division,” he said. “It’s you who have not found the way to say the names of black people killed by police officers, even as people in law enforcement have.” Wheeler then repeated the debunked claim that President Trump had praised white supremacists.

Bizarrely, he then called on every other elected leader in Oregon to stop the violence, as if the riots in Portland have been the fault of anyone else besides the mayor of Portland. Perhaps that’s a veiled accusation against Gov. Kate Brown (D-Portland) for not deploying the National Guard, but it came off as yet more in Wheeler’s endless blame-shifting.

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Portland Police Bureau Chief Chuck Lovell then spoke, repeatedly noting that there wasn’t much the police could do to stop the violence due to their limited resources.

Finally, Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt spoke, portraying this killing as a tragedy that undermines the protests for social justice reform. Schmidt gave a perfunctory statement of condolence for the victim and his family, then a diatribe about racial injustice. “We are stunned and saddened, angry and frustrated that this happened in our community. That the right or the duty to peacefully protest and speak out for an end to systemic racism that has plagued our country for generations could be undermined by this terrible act of violence.”

He actually said that.

Schmidt then went on to pin the hate, violence, and division on guns and out-of-state agitators.

It appears Oregon’s Democratic leaders have aligned their messaging to assert that President Trump is solely accountable for the violence in America’s streets.

Kate Brown released a statement that began:

For the last several years, and escalating in recent months, President Trump has encouraged division and stoked violence. It happened in Charlottesville. It happened in Kenosha. And now, unfortunately, it is happening in Portland, Oregon.

But despite the President’s jeers and tweets, this is a matter of life and death. Whether it’s his completely incompetent response to the pandemic, where nearly 200,000 have died, or his outright encouragement of violence in our streets: it should be clear to everyone by now that no one is truly safe with Donald Trump as President.

Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury also released a statement:

Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury released a statement Sunday morning, saying in part: “This tragedy will be used to justify escalating violence. It will be used to paint an entire movement with a broad and misleading brush. And sadly, it will be used by the occupant of the White House to deepen divisions and fear.”

Even Joe Biden weighed in:

Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden also released a statement Sunday denouncing the violence.

“The deadly violence we saw overnight in Portland is unacceptable. Shooting in the streets of a great American city is unacceptable. I condemn this violence unequivocally. I condemn violence of every kind by anyone … And I challenge Donald Trump to do the same,” he said.

You can watch the whole press conference here, if you can stomach it:

[embedded content]

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  1. The “Resist” movement that started on 11/04/2016 is to blame for the current atmosphere of Portland and in our country! This movement has been sanctioned by the Democratic leaders in the state of Oregon. The State and Local governments are to blame and have blood on their hands.

  2. To quote a staunch Conservative…”Stupid is as stupid does”
    Are people there that ignorant to the fact they’re being led
    by incompetent morons?

  3. When are people with common sense going to get these morons out of office and stand up for truth and justice and resist and remove idiocy?
    These idiots operate on the DUMD SIDE OF STUPID.

    1. Most democrats have no common sense that’s why they keep electing these incompetent democrats to office. Many of the citizens in these cities that are burning did this to themselves. It’s the few who didn’t vote for this crap yet have to put up with it that I feel sorry for.

  4. Typical leftist. Blame everyone else for your failures. These people are so weak that they never take responsibility for their actions. Every burned building, injured law enforcement and murder is on this inept mayor.

  5. I’m continually stunned by the leftists use of the term ‘systemic racism.’ This supposed ‘systemic racism’ did not come to light until a career criminal, a black man, was videotaped with a police officer allegedly kneeling on his neck, and people deciding they had witnessed a death/murder, I use the word allegedly because it must be proven in a court of law. When that went viral so did the violent reactions by large groups of “protesters” rioting in (exclusively) leftist controlled cities coordinated by busloads of ANTIFA and BLM TRAINED anarchists & marxists. In ninety-four(94)days, but especially nights, billions of dollars of damage to businesses (many black owned) at least twenty-seven(27) people (many black) from the age of infant to late 70’s have been killed. Virtually every instance could have been avoided if the leftist Mayor and/or Governor of each and every city and/or state involved had allowed law enforcement, including the National Guard,to which the Governor has full access, to address the lawbreaking. Now, after ninety-four(94)days and nights of just watching their cities and states be overtaken by anarchistic rioters, they, the leftist leaders, are blaming EVERY bit of damage, division, assaults, rioting EVERYTHING on President Trump. President Trump has been offering federal help all along and been told to stay out. I’m sickened that this entire period of upheaval in our country could have easily been avoided. Politics, however, forced innocent people to have to live through it. Oh yes…..and die.

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