Oregon’s Democrat Governor Just Blamed Right-Wing ‘White Supremacists’ for Apparent Antifa Murder of Trump Supporter

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Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D) has brought deeper shame to the term “gaslighting” by blaming “right wing” “white supremacists” for the “bloodshed” on Portland’s streets following the murder of an apparent Trump supporter on Saturday night. A man who’d been let go by the lftist district attorney on gun charges at an earlier protest is the alleged killer.

Brown blamed the “right wing” protesters in downtown Portland for the eruption of violence by antifa and the murder of the man who wore a “Patriot Prayer” hat. Patriot Prayer is a local group that has put on free speech marches and pro-Trump rallies in Portland. Triggered antifa come to the rallies to get rid of the “fascists” and there has been violence when they show up and police do not intervene. When the prayer group and antifa have been separated by police or antifa hasn’t shown up, there’s been no violence.

Oregon Governor Blames Murder Victim for ‘Looking For A Fight’

Brown persisted in blaming the conservative group for all the violence, likening them to the socialist and Biden supporter Richard Spencer’s white supremacist group in Charlottesville.

The right-wing group Patriot Prayer and self-proclaimed militia members drove into downtown Portland last night, armed and looking for a fight. Every Oregonian has the right to freely express their views without fear of deadly violence. I will not allow Patriot Prayer and armed white supremacists to bring more bloodshed to our streets.

Time and again, from Charlottesville to Kenosha to Portland, we have seen the tragic outcome when armed right-wing vigilantes take matters into their own hands. Gun violence is never, ever the answer.

Brown failed to note the constant violence, looting, arson, and rioting by antifa and Black Lives Matter, Incorporated™ for three months in Portland. Apparently violence only counts if it’s engaged in by someone with whom you politically disagree.

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Here’s video of the shooting that was somehow the victim’s own fault.

The Oregon governor also missed the “welcome party” earlier in the day, when the caravan of Trump supporters several miles long traveled from a nearby mall to drive into downtown Portland.

Antifa Mob Throws Rocks at Trump Caravan Cars

Antifa and protesters bragged that they were ready for the Trump supporters on Twitter. Someone in a group on an overpass on Interstate 84 recorded a group throwing rocks at cars below.

No one has been arrested for the attempted murders of the drivers in the convoy.

‘Watch the Bridges. Watch the Bridges!’

Here are some of the “fascists” that antifa tried to kill on the highways and freeways. Note the concern by a person in the background who says they should “watch the bridges, watch the bridges.”

These are the “fascists” that antifa and # BLM believe it’s their duty to eradicate.

Posted by Victoria Taft on Sunday, August 30, 2020

It’s becoming clearer that the murder of the man identified by Portland Police on Monday as 39-year old Aaron J. “Jay” Danielson of Portland was allegedly conducted by a man who’s been a part of the Portland protest scene for a while.

Person of Interest and Victim Identified

Antifa watcher Andy Ngo says that the reported person-of-interest in the murder, Michael Reinoehl, a 48-year-old a former professional snowboarder, was seen in front of Mayor Ted Wheeler’s downtown area condo during an antifa demonstration the night before.

Long time antifa watcher Stumptown Matters observed the suspected shooter making a phone call while a collection of Black Lives Matter, Incorporated™ protesters hassled drivers.

Insanity Wrap #39: Death Comes to Portland

The man is masked. This was taken about 15 minutes before the murder.

The Wall Street Journal confirms that Reinoehl is a person of interest in the murder. The Oregonian has reported the same thing, though no one at the Portland Police Bureau has gone on the record.

And Just Like That, Joe Biden and the Democrats Stopped Liking Riots

The Wall Street Journal reports that a social media post by Reinoehl claimed antifa were his “brothers and sisters.”

“I am 100% ANTIFA all the way! I am willing to fight for my brothers and sisters!” he wrote in a June 16 post. “We do not want violence but we will not run from it either! If the police continue to pick on and beat up innocent citizens that are peacefully voicing their objections, it must be met with equal force!”

The Oregonian reports that Reinoehl was arrested in July for carrying a loaded gun in a public place during a protest but was let go by the district attorney’s office.

“…was cited at 2:10 a.m. in the 700 block of Southwest Main Street on allegations of possessing a loaded gun in a public place, resisting arrest and interfering with police.He was given a date to appear in court later that month, but the allegations were dropped on July 30 with a “no complaint,” according to court records. The documents don’t indicate why prosecutors decided not to pursue the accusations. Reinoehl spent no time behind bars.”

The district attorney was the hand-selected choice of the Black Lives Matter, Incorporated™ founder, Shaun King’s political action group. It’s similar to the easy-on-criminals position of the George Soros district attorney projects.

‘We Got a Couple of Them Right Here’ 

The Oregon State Medical Examiner’s Office has officially confirmed that Danielson was a victim of murder. The victim’s partner says he has a different word for it.  He says he was “executed.” Two shots were heard in the video of the murder.

A gathering of an antifa mob cheered the murder shortly after it happened.

Senator Rand Paul and Others Attacked by Rioters After Trump RNC Speech

The woman speaker referred to the victim as a “Nazi” and “facist,” giving the violent mob an excuse to attack more people.

Antifa Was Hunting for Patriot Prayer Members 

And antifa and BLM members smashed up a gas station where it was believed Patriot Prayer organizer, Joey Gibson, was hiding. They wanted to, ah, hurt him.

Portland and Oregon Officials Blame Trump for Violence 

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler blamed President Trump for antifa’s violence and the state’s attorney general did the same, though antifa violence pre-dates Donald Trump’s entry into politics. The violence has grown out of control on Wheeler’s watch. People on both the right and left are calling for his resignation for different reasons.

For those wondering if there are police in Portland, Oregon yes, there are. Their investigation continues.

Exclusive: Portland Cops Are Getting the Hell Out of Antifastan and Retiring in Record Numbers

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  1. Sue the weak bone mayor and the spinless Governor for not protecting the citizens of portland. portland must have weak kneed politicians and council personnel. Sue them and hold accountable for all they have. Let them repay the expense of their destruction. Case closed

  2. The democat government in Portland has completely broken down its past time to send in federal troops to take control and restore law and order the Democrat governor is completely incompetent and has lost control and like all Democrats is blaming their failures on president Trump the problem is they were failures before president Trump was elected now the Democrats want us to elect a stupid incompetent senile pervert to the presidency. O Bama is as qualified to be a judge on the supreme court as a drunk chimp high on LSD could be, a guy that none of his supposed classmates ever saw spend a good share of his life high on drugs and refuses to divulge who even paid for his supposed education. Is this a person that we would trust to decide the constitutionality of an issue?

  3. Greetings My Fellow Patriots, I come to praise Trump, not to bury him. He is the leader the nation needs. My instincts tell me , the nation is on a collision course with another ??Civil?? War. Things to consider; If the losing party in the 2016 Presidential election, can’t get over the fact of losing when their thoughts were of victory, they will continue creating internal strife, chaos and obstacles to a free and safe state. Their approach is not the truth, nor have they “built a better mousetrap”, but finally realized they have no “platform” to launch a non-existent message. I’m sure you have noticed the continuous trashing of ANYTHING the President says, tweets, supports or attempts to advance. I am of the opinion, this is by design, simply because their platform is gone, but a desperate attempt to fashion anything and hope it ” Floats” while losing sight of an extreme TILT to the left. NOTE to the liberal left, progressive Democratic Party. As you “blindly” thrash about, creating more problems for us all, here are a few things to never forget. # 1. It is my estimate that there exists in this great nation, sufficient numbers of true, combat hardened patriots who will ACTIVELY take up arms against those of you who believe that Socialism, Marxism or Communism is a better form of government than the freedom our families and ancestors have enjoyed for centuries. # 2. The ” behind the scenes” instigators and financiers who believe they have sufficient backing to attempt to overthrow a duly elected President, are DANGEROUS PSEUDO-LEADERS. Several examples exist to support that assertion. #3. To those followers who are creating more problems for the current administration, Imagine if, by some weird stroke of fate” your leaders and financiers were to win in future attempts to overthrow any government they view as a threat to their power. You have been BOUGHT to assist those treasonous egotists to bring them into power. Once they are in power, your MONEY SPIGOT drys up. Your usefulness has been eliminated, therefore those traitors DO NOT OWE YOU any allegiance nor are they bound to consider you for powerful positions within their weak-assed shaky government. Your usefulness has ceased in their eyes. # 4. Are all of you who desire a different ruling party, aware of the patriots, veterans, good hardworking members of this FREE SOCIETY, who are prepared to forsake security for “the green new deal”, and actually ” take up arms ” against you and your former employers. I stood in “harms way” for 20 years and 18 months of that 20 years in combat where other human beings were trying to kill me and others, I was ready then to give up my life for freedom, liberty and justice for all, and I remain ready. # 5 What gives me courage and the strength to fight AGAIN for the US, is TWO-FOLD now. First for freedom and most of all, AGAINST a fellow citizen who has taken for granted that their freedom will always be there. Fellow citizens, such as Comey, Strozk, Page,McCabe, Cliton, Rice, Obama launched a “hairbrained” scheme to TAKEOVER this nation for self serving reasons and failed. The opposition will continue until a civil war explodes, however, those of you with your head in the sand, won’t hear the explosion. I will cease cautioning anyone to keep your powder dry.

  4. I have a notion that if “White” supremacists were around and shooting that more than one man would be dead and this mayor is almost as bad as Soviet Bill.
    I think some people are right, if trump cured cancer the left would complain it wasn’t soon enough.
    I’m not promoting anything by the first paragraph but I do find it VERY interesting politicians a talk about the right killing people but I have seen any riots broken up by private gun fire and the kid in Kenosha may have been defending him self according to the reported who used his shirt in an attempt to the bleeding on the guy who got shot.

  5. It is the ineptitude of the worthless moron mayor that has allowed this crap to go on for 90 days that caused this. Spineless, noballs idiot.

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