BLM Vandals Strike Elvis Presley’s Graceland

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Remember when the debate over public places, flags, monuments, and the like was supposedly about Confederate generals? Then it morphed to anyone who ever owned slaves, which swiftly devolved to any statue of anyone who appeared to have been white and lived a long time ago. Now it’s…Elvis?

Elvis Presley was white, but otherwise he doesn’t fit the BLM riot target model very well. He didn’t fight in the Civil War, because he wasn’t around then. He didn’t fight in any war. He died in 1977, which may be ancient history to some but others of us were actually alive and remember him. He was a singer. The King of Rock ‘N Roll.

Elvis wasn’t particularly political, though he did meet Nixon once.

Nevertheless, his former home, Graceland, has not escaped the wrath of the vandals.

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Elvis Presley’s estate was vandalized with “Black Lives Matter” and “Defund the Police” graffiti overnight into Tuesday.

The protest slogans were found spray-painted in black and orange on the stone wall surrounding the King’s mansion, a signature Memphis landmark and major tourist draw, local newspaper The Commercial Appeal reported.

“Abolish ICE” and “F–k Trump” were also among the spray-painted phrases.

The graffiti covered up many of the hundreds of tributes to the music icon handwritten by fans on the wall over the years.

It all seems obligatory now. Spray-paint anarchy, hate, and obscenities onto anything that anyone values for any reason, to debase and devalue it and to offend as many as possible. This is not about winning hearts and minds and hasn’t been for a long time. It’s about license and intimidation. Stop us if you can.

They need to be stopped. Local leaders bear responsibility for public safety at the local level. They either must do their jobs or step aside.

Another Memphis landmark, historic concert venue The Levitt Shell, was defaced with similar graffiti, including “Eat the Rich” and “Defund MPD [Memphis Police Department].”

Why? Stop us if you can.

Cities with leaders who have decided to stop this have succeeded. I’ve brought up San Antonio, Texas, a few times during the now three months of rioting because leaders there made a decision early on to repel the insurrectionists. San Antonio hasn’t seen trouble since then. Democrats run that city. They just decided not to allow it to be destroyed. So it hasn’t been.

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    1. Personally, I think these are nothing but angry adult children who should be sent to their rooms without dinner. Whatever they think is going to happen as a result of their stupid behavior is one thing, …….. but vandalizing Graceland?

      Now the gloves come off, M-F-s. All they have shown is that their cause is irrelevant and that they are merely the clueless and unwitting pawns in a globalist battle for power.

      If they start f-cking with the Easter Bunny next Spring, that’s when I bring out the artillery.

  1. The insurrectionists are spoiling to start the Second American Civil War.

    They are escalating their destruction in an effort to goad patriots into firing the first shot.

    They must first destroy the nation in order to rebuild it in a form they like — a socialist democratic republic built to make Marx, Lenin, Mao, and Castro proud.

    They are counting on the help of United Nations “Blue-Helmet Peace Keepers” to strip Americans of their firearms.

    The UN is not a friend of our nation. The vast majority of member states oppose everything we stand for, and we will see troops from Russia, China, Cuba, and Islamistan invading and locking us all into a permanent dystopia, with travel restrictions and ration coupons, and with “re-education” and death camps.

    Notorious unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, political advisor to Obama, opined that the success of the communist revolution depended on the elimination of all die-hard capitalists. His companions in the Weather Underground estimated that 10% of Americans would have to die. There’s a reason why the Left is targeting capitalists. Don’t be fooled, they want us dead!

    Do not hope for a civil war! It is what the Left is counting on to complete its revolution and cleanse capitalism from their world.

  2. Elvis is still spinning in his grave not for the BLM Memfrican Thuglets, but for the fact that his daughter married Michael ( pedophile ) Jackson…

    Time to put a stop to this shit, like they did in Sturgis.

  3. True, Elvis did NOT “fight in” in any war, but he DID serve in the Army’s Armored Corps in Germany.
    Elvis can hardly be accused of being a racist — at least not publicly.
    Elvis should not have been a victim of the anarchists.
    This madness has got to end but it won’t as long as the crazies are encouraged by the leftists in power in the cities, the states, & in D.C.

  4. Doesn’t anyone remember the Elvis song: “In the Ghetto”? Written by Mac Davis (another white guy) and recorded by Elvis in 1969. Probably the first song to bring the plight of intercity blacks into the public eye. How could he be accused of being raciest? How dare they vandalize his home!

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