WATCH: Major Williams Demands Major Change While Running For California Governor (VIDEO)


California Governor Candidate Major Williams promises to unite Californians and appeal bills, he says have affected citizens negatively.

Williams stated, “I am running for governor, quite frankly, because I love our state. I am running for governor to protect those families that are being targeted by legislators with bills like SB 276 and bills like SB 277. I am running for governor to protect our civil liberties, our Second Amendment rights and to be that leader in Sacramento who has the ability to force a change even when many may doubt it. I will not leave any Californians behind.”

Williams continued, “As I understand that the one-size-fits-all leadership has literally torn our state apart to the core. Families and businesses are moving in record numbers. Our overall morale is low. Humans fearing and other humans, judging other humans. Energy placed in negativity, when the clear choice should be us practicing more positivity during these uncertain times. God is greater than man. We are in a spiritual war right now. Whenever leadership seeks to eliminate God out of the equation, you see things unravel right before you. You see chaos. You see division. You see Gavin Newsom. My name is Major Williams. And my promise to you is this, California. I will not waiver, limit your voices, your thoughts, your prayers, and your concerns. And I will deliver. Thank you for your time. God bless you, your family, your health in these United States of America.”

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Williams previously ran for Mayor of Pasadena and is now challenging current Governor Gavin Newsom, saying that there needs to be change.

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Williams said, “Well, so it has multiple layers of in regards to the answer that I have. Four months ago I started, I’m the president of the New California Governor Committee. That particular committee was charged for finding a Republican conservative to run for Governor of California. What happened was during that process of vetting different potential candidates who I had, you know, hand chose or had been picked, so to speak. Ninety percent of the consensus kept coming back. And they actually told me, ‘you should run and you should do it.’ And I think that’s because, you know, a lot of them had very high regard of how I emotionally reached voters for my recent campaign for Mayor of Pasadena. We’ve made great strides. I was predicted to get a hundred votes, you know, all this ridiculousness. And I ended up stealing the voting block, which changed the narrative a lot because it was really about messaging and just being that alternative choice for people.”

Williams continued, “And so we had so much great success with that. And so our theme and strategy moving forward is basically just copy and paste the success from a local race and put it on a statewide race. And we’ll see where the chips may fall. So we did a survey and we shot it over 500,000 people. Democrats, you know, conservatives, you know, we didn’t isolate any groups. We shot to everyone. And 95% percent of the census came back in regards to sharing my platform, who I was, some of the things that I want to do with California. 95 percent of consensus came back up saying I would vote for this guy. And I think that’s kind of like one of the things that kind of pushed us forward to let us know that this was possible.”

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