Report: Far Left Groups Secretly Organize and Prepare for MASS VIOLENCE After Joe Biden Loses in November


A central group of far left and communist groups gathered on Zoom last week to plot strategy following the November 3rd election.

The Fight Back Table initiative met to plot and organize strategy and violent actions following the November elections when Joe Biden loses to President Trump.

The group confirmed the potential for violent conflict is high.

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For weeks liberal groups have sustained violent riots and protests across the United States. Several Democrat-led cities suffered hundreds of millions of dollars in damage during the left’s latest rioting spree.

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Democrats are going to ramp up the violence in November.
At what point are these groups labeled domestic terrorists?

The Daily Beast reported:

Put together by the Fight Back Table—an initiative launched after the 2016 election to get a constellation of lefty organizations to work more closely together—the meeting dealt with the operational demands expected if the November election ends without a clear outcome or with a Joe Biden win that Donald Trump refuses to recognize.

Sources familiar with the discussions described them as serious with a modestly panicked undertone. A smaller FBT session last fall had talked about post-election planning, but those discussions were tabled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This was the first time they were bringing the matter to the 50-plus organizations that make up the coalition. To formalize the effort, they gave it a name: the “Democracy Defense Nerve Center.”

Over the course of two hours, participants broached the question of what the progressive political ecosystem can functionally do in a series of election scenarios. They began charting out what it would take to stand up a multi-state communications arm to fight disinformation, a training program for nonviolent civil disobedience, and the underpinnings of what one official described as “mass public unrest.” And they pored over a report from the Transition Integrity Project, a bipartisan group formed in 2019, that analyzed various election-season scenarios and made clear the type of ratfuckery, corruption, and chaos that potentially was ahead.

“The potential for violent conflict is high,” the report noted.

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  1. Thomas Jefferson said “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants.” This may be one of those times & lots of us say, if so, “bring it on”!

  2. If the commie Democrats want to unite and plan mass insurrection that’s ok it will make identification easier so that when they start their stupid movement the FBI can arrest them in mass. There is only so much they can do before it becomes illegal then they will be dealt with, it’s actually funny to watch them deluding themselves into thinking they can actually destroy the country

  3. I’m so sick of these crybaby soar losers, so Go ahead and De-fund the police and allow open season on the idiot Left who think they know how to cause a riot. They forget just how many people own guns in this country and even Japan wouldn’t invade because they knew there was a shooter behind every blade of grass..
    But these cowards only attack the weak in the darkness.. Well one answer for that is NVG!
    You don’t like the way this country is run by it’s MAJORITY, then get the fuck out and go find your own to build.
    We are tired of carrying you sorry asses.

  4. If leftists plan on violence if President Trump is reelected will they stay in the places that they have been over the last few months? If they are who cares? It’s not that no one cares it’s just that for them to stay in democrat controlled places where the mayors allow it to happen does not physically affect those in places ran by conservatives. If however they venture in to areas controlled by conservatives they will be met with heavy resistance and their efforts will quickly be extinguished. The people are like little children who will throw their temper tantrums until they are spanked by an adult.

    1. In human psychology, there is a truism (often ignored, but very real, nonetheless) that “if the price of an action is greater than any sane actor is willing to pay, that action will not be taken.”

      In “flyover country” (as it is referred to by liberals), conservatives have absolutely NO problem making the price of rioting/looting/arson very high – lethally high. Even stupid socialists will understand exactly how horribly costly such action will (not “might” or “may” or “could,” but WILL) be. If those Leftists are sane, they will not act. But if they insanely choose to take the action and pay that price anyway… so be it. Molon Labe!

  5. These asshole will keep this up as long as they are getting away with it. So far little or no action has been taken. Does not good to arrest them because the liberal judges just turn them lose. Time to take some judges off the bench who are sympathetic to this nonsense.

  6. When is Bill Barr going get some balls and warn serious consequences will be levied on the Democrat Party if this Violence does not stop now! Obviously the FBI knows about this.

    If we need FBI agents on station in the cities and then put them on the streets. We the People pay their salaries as well as Bill Barrs so put them wherever they are needed.

    We; Veterans don’t get to choose the battlegrounds so why should they.

  7. I got 57 notches in my sniper rifle. All at 2000- 3000 yards. Commies & Towel Heads. Might as well add some Democrats, Antifa’s & BL DON’T M Rioters & Looters

  8. WHEN will LE stop PLAYING with these criminals ?? They travel from city to city doing this crap. These are out-of-control Anarchists whose sole purpose is to destroy and kill. Like the seven white morons recently arrested. No more arrests. No more jail time. No more “Catch and Release”. Stop them dead where they are when the first riotous action is taken. This is not Kent State. Get every single one of them. Use real lead. Dump the remains at Piglosi’s entrance gate. And send two Hellfires to Soros where he sleeps.
    Enough is enough. Fed up with this ongoing Soros fueled and paid-for lawlessness by morons.
    If they pull that crap Nov. 3rd or after, stop that dead in its tracks too. That action is not “peaceful protesting”. It is malicious criminal mayhem and murder. If Demoshit “mayors” and “governors” have no balls to quell this crap, put them in jail, and send in the military to do their job. These lawless idiots are not “US Citizens”. They are Soros minions, paid $5 per hour. End it once and for all.

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