Hannity: Another blatant lie from Joe Biden

Biden wants Americans to believe that he can beat COVID-19 if you elect him president. #FoxNews #Hannity

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  1. Here is a thought, If the Left elects Biden and he steps down due to obvious bad health we then would have President Harris and Vice President Nutzy Pelosi. Think about it.

  2. Every time I hear Joke Hiden on the TV lies are flowing out of his mouth. Well they are more like stammering and stuttering out of his mouth but the truth is something that hasn’t come out of his mouth in quite a while. then there’s the Harris-Biden administration remark he made That in itself wouldn’t be alarming but out of his VP pick came “and in the Harris administration”. That should tell everyone that the plan is to get Joe elected and then use the 25th amendment to give the presidency to Harris. No thanks!

    1. Your statement should read: Talk about lying, Trump needs to look in a mirror!” We already know how smart you are if you are still a Biden/Harris supporter but please at least use proper punctuation & spelling. That way, maybe you can still fool a few of us.

  3. Jo Bydumb isn’t lying he’s really a puppet like howdy doody he only says what the ventriloquist says and when there are multiple puppet masters it’s hard to keep things straight. Jo Bydumb hasn’t had an original thought for more than fifty years the only ones that will vote for him are the ones that said that they can see the emperor’s new clothes.

  4. I have a question for Jill Biden. How can you stand by and watch a man you obviously loved enough to leave your family to be in such decline and let the lowlife Democrats make a fool of him? Jill must want to be the first lady so bad that she is sacrificing what little legacy Joe has.

  5. Sleeping Joe is a puppet for the Socialist Party that the Demorats want to steer America into being a Communist Country. All you have to do is read Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, to see we are already heading in that direction.

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