President Trump has biting response for Barack Obama over filing SCOTUS vacancy

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President Donald Trump had poignant words for his predecessor over the new Supreme Court vacancy.

In an essay commemorating Ruth Bader Ginsburg, former President Barack Obama suggested the high court’s vacancy must remain open in the spirit of “consistency.”

Obama wrote:

Four and a half years ago, when Republicans refused to hold a hearing or an up-or-down vote on Merrick Garland, they invented the principle that the Senate shouldn’t fill an open seat on the Supreme Court before a new president was sworn in. A basic principle of the law — and of everyday fairness — is that we apply rules with consistency, and not based on what’s convenient or advantageous in the moment. The rule of law, the legitimacy of our courts, the fundamental workings of our democracy all depend on that basic principle.

On Saturday, before traveling to North Carolina for a campaign rally, Trump responded to Obama’s request.

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A reporter asked: “Sir, President Obama’s pick in 2016, Merrick Garland, didn’t get a chance to move forward. That was an election year. Why should your pick get a chance to move forward in an election year?”

Trump responded: “Well, that’s called ‘the consequences of losing an election.’ He lost the election. He didn’t have the votes. When you lose elections, sometimes things don’t work out well.”

Trump has said he and the Republican-controlled Senate will move forward to fulfill their constitutional duty of filling the Supreme Court vacancy.

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  1. Trump is right. If Obama had the senate we would have had a very liberal make up the laws as we go court. Most Americans want stability in the court. They want the laws interpreted as they were written not like liberals want them written.

  2. Way to tell it Prez! It’s yourresp;onsibility to nominate an individual for the court and I would like to encourage you to do so, ASAP!

  3. Nice try Barack, but no cigar! If the Dems were in the majority in the Senate, then their Majority Leader would do as McConnell did, that being to not bring the SCOTUS nominee vote forward. THAT would be consistent. But the facts do not line up for that “consistency.” The Repubs have the White House AND Senate. Thus, it is in the Repubs control to bring forward a vote. Just as the Dems have Pelosi controlling the House, she has the control to generally decide what and when can come to a vote in the House.

  4. The Dem’s worst nightmare come true–Ginsburg’s death on a GOP president’s watch. And of course, as is normal for them, they have a hissy fit. (Because they are childish.)

  5. This so called rule would make sense if the action taken was by a president with no chance of being re-elected. In this case, President Trump still has the possibility of serving four more years and as such it would be fitting and proper for him to appoint the next Supreme court judge. There is no difference of appointing now or three years ago, he still is a President that can serve four more years.

  6. All 9 justices should adhere to the letter of the law as it applies to the Constitution…period!
    Democrats appoint partisans that vote to the left and Roberts may as well be one of them.
    The Democrat party would NOT hesitate to try and fill Ginsburgh’s seat with another leftist.
    Do your best to fill that seat President Trump.

  7. O-tramp was a horrible arrogant pos “president”, backed up by criminals Holder and Hillary. And O-tramp, to hell with your “spirit of consistency”. What a crooked worthless “team”. O-tramp’s SCOTUS replacement pick was, of course, another one of his far left idiots. Here is how it works: The President picks the next SCOTUS Justice, and then the SENATE confirms (or denies) the candidate. Nothing is stated in the Constitution about HOW LONG the selection process is supposed to take, much less whether or not if it falls within an election year. So the Republican Senate did not have to approve Garland at all. They could have rejected him, and the next leftist moron, and the next 57 leftist morons (being “consistent” with O-tramp’s “57 states”). But that would just be a waste of time. So baaarrr–aaccccckk, NO VOTE on your Leftist. Clown. Man. Now enter PRESIDENT TRUMP, and 4 months later, we have the unprecedented grilling of Justice Kavanaugh….. including lying, conniving false “witnesses” with all sorts of stories. Shame on the liberal demoRATS for that long, dragged out criminal sham. And Justice Kavanaugh STILL was confirmed. And NOW, four years later, we have the RBG debacle. Not sad she finally died. She was a murderer, complicit in the deaths of MILLIONS of human beings. The Constitution mandate to install the replacement SCOTUS Justice SHALL be done, BUT this time, with a Republican REAL PRESIDENT, and a Republican SENATE, “we” get to have another “RIGHT” Justice. So O-tramp has NO say in this, and Schumer and Piglosi’s “House” has NO say in this, and payback is hell. It’s just BUSINESS, as mandated and as allowed by the Constitution. No more Mr. Nice Guy. So, Mr. PRESIDENT, choose Our New Justice in the next three or so days, and have Mr. McConnell get HER confirmed RIGHT away, much to the chagrin of the moron leftist criminal demoRATS. I can’t wait to hear the sky screaming long before Election Day, and can’t wait to see what the protestors burn down next. We need 9 Justices, for a 6-3 vote, or 5-4 depending on what the turncoat Roberts does, to preclude demoRAT tampering and cheating in this election. Payback is hell, so let’s pay’em back, and watch the lib clowns stew in their own rotten juices.

    ORANGE MAN TRUMP 2020 !!!!!

  8. Picking a new Supreme Court Justice would back all their screws out. Put the Democratic Socialists on high voltage, go for it. The more conservative and Constitutional the better. We’re tired of the bullying from the Commies, set them off. Harris just got bail for the rapist of an 8 year old. This crap won’t float, whatever it takes to end this very soon.

  9. Who cares what the loser Barry Odummy says he had the most fundamentally corrupt administration in history that is still being investigated if the house of representatives wasn’t filled with commi democraps he would have been removed from office a hundred times and queen Hillary would still be looking through the bars of her cell. The time for the end of the commi democraps is near, we need a two party system in this country .there isn’t room for communist parasites in our government we need a SCJ. that is a true constitutionalist that will use the constitution to interpret laws not the writings of Marx or Lenin or some other left wing nitwit ,as for the democraps sqealing about it being an election year and comparing it to the Garland situation they aren’t in control and they are just going to have to suck in their lips if they were so worried about Darth Vader Ginsburg dying she should have retired when OBummer was in office. Kick their butts president Trump!!!!!!!

  10. The GOP didn’t kill RBG, but there’s still questions about Scalia’s death on a major DNC donors property and the left’s immediate coverup about the cause of his death.

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