Susan Collins Says Republicans Should Wait to Vote on Supreme Court Replacement Until after Election


Now, while everyone is looking towards science to put right all that’s wrong with the world, it is time to call on the Humanities. To be conservative often consists in being a party pooper. It is not that we enjoy being naysayers, it is just that the world insists on conspiring against all that is good and …
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  1. this woman is a RINO, She has not been a dependable vote for Republicans, This is why i chose to give to individual candidates than the national because i do not want any of my money on her campaign. better she be replaced,

    1. And yet, as a Republican, I receive solicitations to donate to her reelection campaign on almost a weekly basis. Apparently, she doesn’t realize that her failure to support a pre-election nominee will help to ensure that she loses support among voters.

    2. Amen to that. I have no respect for this woman who stands for nothing except let’s all get along right or wrong. She has no principals or moral convictions. Biden could appoint Obama for all we know and we do know the democrats are going to try and steal this election if they loose. Supreme Court Justices are supposed to interpret the law, not make it from the bench like so many liberals do. More liberal justices than conservative justice is what has put this country in the shape it is in today. They push anti christian agenda at the expense of right and wrong. Get us a new Justice President Trump and make sure he goes by the US Constitution. He or she can interpret the Constitution to mean all people instead of all men are created equal, I’m okay with that.

    3. This dysphonic dunderhead then wonders why her numbers are going south. Who’s side is this woman on, anyway.

      I want to vote for her but only because I can’t vote for her socialist competition.

  2. I would suggest a public offer to wait until after the election to appoint a replacement supreme court judge in exchange for a public and unequivical commitment from Biden, Harris and Shumer that they will

    1. Not increase the number of judges on the supreme court or any circuit courts for the next 8 years and
    2. That if they win the agree to replace this one supreme court seat (not any future seats) with a judge who is acceptable to 60 senators.

    This is almost a no-lose position for Republicans. If Democrats win without this agreement, then they will take control of the judiciary by increasing the number of judges so that liberals have a majority. If they lose, then Republicans can appoint a judge they want. And if they refuse to accept the deal, it greatly weakens their complaint about a quick appointment and also lets the American people know that they intend to inflate the number of judges.

    If they accept the deal and then ignore it (if they win) and increase the judiciary size anyway, then their bad faith would be very public. But that would require them winning both the presidency and the senate and if that was the case they would have a supreme court majority anyway since they would increase the court size enough to ensure it

    The only downside is if Trump wins the election but Democrats get a senate majority. Then they could impede the appointment of a new judge. But that is an unlikely scenario and again it would hurt them politically in the next off-year election by painting them as obstructionists.

  3. This election will be challenged and we cannot have a 4-4 court (and it will be with the RINO chief). It is incredibly important that there are 9 justices by election day.

  4. Obama and Biden tried to appoint a Justice but did not have the votes to confirm. Now it’s Trumps turn and he does. In the words of Biden. PERIOD!!!!!!!

  5. This is one pitiful excuse for even a RINO let alone a Republican. She disgusts me! When will you voters primary this worthless use of skin?

    1. A RINO yes, but also a filthy one at that, someone if anyone standing by her can’t miss the stench of non bathing that obviously that woman practices.

  6. This is just another example of Career & Politician being NOT what the Founders intended. I still contend that ALL Politicians wear vests showing who their HANDLERS are, like NASCAR.

  7. Don’t wait for squat. The Dems have been thumbing their noses at the country so stick it to them.If she wants to take a chance on activist judges she should switch parties. The Dems haven’t play fair for four years. I think there will be a trade, a judge for expanded stimulus package. Pelosi will at least try because she has Chuckie under her thumb whether he realizes that or not.

  8. In fairness to the American people the President must have a new Supreme Court Justice as soon as is possible. There is a Crime Wave out there. Justice must be done.

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