FBI arrests Black Lives Matter activist, accused of spending $200K in donations on tailored suits and property

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An Atlanta-based Black Lives Matter activist faces federal charges of money laundering and wire fraud for allegedly using donation money for personal purchases such as tailored suits, guns, and a security system.

Sir Maejor Page, also known as Tyree Conyers-Page, was arrested on Friday morning in Toledo, Ohio. Page, 32, was charged with one count of wire fraud and two counts of money laundering, according
to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Page allegedly operated a Facebook page called “Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta,” a non-profit organization that accepted monetary donations under the guise of using the money to fight against racial injustice. Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta solicited donations on GoFundMe, where the organization was listed as a non-profit.

Page assured people that “none of the funds have been used for personal items,” according to the FBI. “All movement related.”

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Authorities claim that a bank account named “Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta, Inc.” was opened in 2018, and Page was the only signatory on the account. Between April 2018 and May 2020, the bank account’s balance never exceeded $5,000, but donations started pouring in following the death of George Floyd in late May. Officials say between June and August of this year, $467,342.18 in donations were transferred to the BLMGA bank account that Page controlled, as reported by

The FBI said Page used a debit card linked to the same bank account that was dedicated to Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta to make personal purchases. Page reportedly used the donation money to buy food, entertainment, tailored suits, furniture, guns, and a home security system.

Since early August, Page’s Instagram and social media videos have featured an increased amount of new clothes, including posts about tailored suits, “nice cufflinks,” and “$150 ties.”

On Aug. 21, Page allegedly used the Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta bank account to purchase a residence and an adjacent vacant lot in Toledo for $112,000.

Records show that the home was purchased by an organization Hi Frequency, an organization for which Page was listed as the treasurer and general counsel. Page seemingly attempted to hide his ownership of the property by stating in the non-disclosure agreement that the transaction was to be entered “by and between Hi Frequency Ohio via Sir Maejor Page” and the seller’s agent.

Authorities said Page spent over $200,000 on personal items with money from donations made to his Black Lives Matter organization, but the FBI did not find any purchases or expenditures tied to social activism or racial injustice.

Page was released after posting $10,000 bond.

As part of his bond release, Page is not allowed to use Facebook. He is also barred from conducting any fundraising or obtaining any new bank accounts or lines of credit without prior approval of Pretrial Services.

GoFundMe said the company had removed fundraising accounts associated with Page and the Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta organization. Page has been banned from using the GoFundMe crowdfunding platform, and refunds are being offered to donors who request them.

“GoFundMe has taken action to ensure you can no longer start a GoFundMe for BLMGA. PayPal has also confirmed BLMGA has been removed from its database,” the statement read. “Campaigns with misuse are very rare, and we take all complaints very seriously. Our team is working with law enforcement and assisting them in the investigation.”

IMDB listing shows “Sir Maejor” was an actor in FX’s TV series “American Horror Story: Coven” as an “albino guard/henchman.”

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  1. Anyone ignorant enough to donate money to BLM deserves to have it wasted on frivolous items by someone who doesn’t give two shits about them or black lives. Black lives matter has NOTHING to do with improving the lives of African Americans, it’s about lining pockets with free cash from stupid (usually White liberal) people. Watching these frauds spend the money of the ignorant fools who donated it brings me immense joy. Keep Up The Good Work!

    1. Yes indeed! BLM is also taking donations from actblue.com, which also collects donations for the DNC, so they are all connected that way in that scam. This GoFundMe for BLMGA scam is a separate scam, but still a scam nonetheless. Not to mention their Soros OSF donations… So it looks like everything they do for funding is a scam, which is no surprise.

  2. Black lives matter and people associated with it are nothing but a half baked terrorist gang of chimps that run around burning and looting business because none of them have brains enough to get a job or live in a civilised society, they are squealing for reparations so I say that they should be put in a place like safari land and kept there where they can be just as uncivilized as they want to be and then normal people can take bus tours through the place to educate children about socialism and communism and see what it really looks like. I would give it two years and they would exterminate themselves

  3. The moral to this sad story is (Don’t give a thieving N—-R a debit card ) or access to ANY funds for that matter!!!
    BLM, ANTIFA, all are anti USA terrorist groups.

  4. No Surprises Here!

    If your a BLM member Your a Criminal in Training !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just look at your leads; Democrat party, George Soros, ect.

  5. That IMDB page lists him as an “albino” but mages available in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution show him as very pale but with straight dark hair.
    If he’s an albino, he ain’t Black by heritage- straightened Black hair doesn’t look like that at all. If he’s an albino, why does he have dark hair?
    Next we will read of him pretending to be a Black albino.
    But hey, it’s all covered under the word “fraud”.

  6. Wow!

    …”Page….spent over $200,000 on personal items with money from donations ….Page was released after ((ONLY)) posting $10,000 bond.”

    Crime really pays. No penalty.

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