BOMBSHELL: Joe Biden was clearly WIRED during the debate… see images from video here

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Video capture shots from last night’s debate between Trump and Biden clearly show Joe Biden wearing wired electronic devices, in violation of debate rules. The appearance of a wire under his jacket was abundantly obvious for a few seconds, as he tried to tuck the wire back into a hidden location (see video shots below).

The use of electronics confirms that Joe Biden’s performance was dishonestly augmented by off-camera controllers who were likely speaking to him through a hidden earpiece.

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Before the debate, the Joe Biden’s team refused to allow a third party inspection of Biden’s ears for electronic devices, contradicting their earlier promise that Biden would agree to be inspected before the debate.

At one point in the debate, Joe Biden reached into his jacket using his left hand and appeared to be adjusting the volume of a wireless receiver or something similar. As he removed his hand, a black wire clearly emerged from under his suit jacket:

Watch this short video to see it very clearly:

Here it is on Twitter:

A video posted on shows the same wire, clear as day:

Another controversy erupted over what looks like a small microphone under the shirt sleeve of Biden’s left arm, but this could be easily explained away as a bracelet of some kind. And why would Biden need to be wearing a microphone?

Some people believe this video shows Biden telling his off-camera handling team, “Good luck” before answering the question from Wallace:

While the “microphone” may not be convincing, the chest-height wire under Biden’s jacket is rather obvious. The fake news media is currently trying to gaslight everybody into thinking it’s a “shadow,” but that’s no shadow. It’s a wire. If Trump were wearing the same thing, the media would instantly accuse him of wearing an electronic device.

If Biden was receiving assistance or instructions from his off-camera team, that would make him a cheat, which is entirely consistent with his dishonest denials that his son, Hunter Biden, received $3.5 million from Moscow.

Hillary Clinton cheated in the 2016 debates by having CNN give her the questions in advance. All Democrats are cheaters. They are trying to cheat their way to the White House through rigged debates, rigged mail-in ballots and rigged online speech (where all pro-Trump voices are blacklisted and de-platformed).

Democrats even cheated by illegally spying on Trump and then concocting a false “Russia” conspiracy to try to have him thrown out of office. We now know, thanks to newly-declassified documents from the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), that Hillary Clinton masterminded the entire affair.

Because, of course, Hillary Clinton is a cheat too, just like Biden.

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  1. So, where was the earpiece? You can clearly see the side of Biden’s head as he turned both towards and away from Trump. So if there was a wired earpiece, why is there no wire going up to his ear? Just a lame attempt at Trumpers to try to discredit the election for when Trump loses.

    1. Wireless earpiece of course. Technology marches on and the Dems will use it all to their best advantage to prop up Slo Joe.

    2. You wouldn’t be convinced if Biden had a speaker the size of a refrigerator stuck to the side of his empty head,

    3. John, when I saw his hand go into his jacket I knew he was being coached. Also Biden did not ramble or whatever in the speech by his dementia. It was so obvious that he was just owned 100% and that is why he would not be checked for anything whether med of another source. Biden probably did have the very little hearing aids that are super available now and not seen. Sorry you like him but that is your problem because shows you would like democrat communism to own you. I assure you it would not be pleasant as my spouse had to live and finally after years escape communism. Have you ever know that in 1963 the DNC Party published their Communist Manifesto to take over our Republic (we are not, thank God, a democracy except in our capitalism). Best to get informed before voting and that is why more voters are tending to Trump. Trump was no different Tuesday then when with Hillary. Kamala is a whore and a liar and only 1/3 black (and her father kicked her out of the family and this also makes me wonder if she is a born American or only in Jamaica). Also 1/3 white (Harris is a great Irish last name) and 1/3 east Indian and lived with mother from age 6 to 18. We don’t need nor want her or any other communist democrat in our now fully sanitized WH.

  2. Of course he was wired. That’s why the 4th time he called Trump a clown he immediately recanted and called him president, because they screamed in his ear not to call the duly elected setting president of the United States a clown.

    Yet the media attempted to point out the the name calling was mainly from Trumps side.

    One way to slow this real political pandemic down is for the people to stop buying products from vendors who sponsor the radical left wing. Get in their pocket you will get their attention.

    People better wake up that the swamp still has a large puddle in it and the scum ring will need to be scrubbed away.

    1. Not surprised. He’s been a liar and disgraceful individual for years. This wire wearing is not surprising at all. Part of the democrats way of cheating. Been doing this kind of nonsense for years.

  3. I made a comment yesterday about the wire. I noticed Biden sliding his hand under the lapel of his jacket somewhat early in the debate. As for the earpiece, I’ve had hearing aids so small you couldn’t see them. Next debate insist he be checked

  4. Bydumb wearing a wire, is anyone surprised ? The sad but funny thing is Bydumb probably thought the answers and statements were coming from his own brain he probably forgot that he was wearing a wire. At every turn the Democrats show the need to be removed from any office they are incompatible with our form of government

    1. The worst thing about this so called debate is the fact that that Wallace butt head should never been allowed to even been near these two people. There was no excuse for this dumbocrate to have anything to do with the debate. Whose idea was it to have a died in the wool dumbocrat take part in the debate. Dumb. Dumb, dumb.

  5. Of course he was. With out help he is a blithering idiot. While he couldn’t answer many questions (or didn’t want to) he was mostly coherent. If you noticed he would pause kinda look up as if to get his orders via a transmitter. It’s so typical for a democrat to cheat. No surprise. The only surprise is that there are people who actually think he would be a good president. That is telling.

  6. Trump’s team has many options to choose from to defeat Biden’s earbuds. They could smuggle jammers into the arena and use them to block his communicators. They could use a more powerful transmitter to send new messages or obnoxious sounds. They could intercept the signals and record them for later.

  7. Yes, Trump’s team has many options to choose from to defeat Biden’s earbuds. I hope they do it all, then run his demoncrap okole to prison, then deport him along with the Usurper-jihadist INFILTRATOR Obama and Omar, to Somalia, and banished all from USA forever!

  8. This is ” The Matrix Phenomena ” at work at the highest level. There is no doubt in my mind that J.B. was acting on instructions received behind the scenes throughout the debate. Whenever he was instructed to face the main camera, he perked up. Spoke in few words and very short sentences, perhaps two to three words behind his ” Coach “. The Moderator was in on this. And the Democrat team had the questions to be asked provided to it well in advance of the debate.
    Be it as it may, if the sane and patriotic voters of the United States of America do not cast their votes wisely on 3rd November, this country will fall off the cliff, taking with it all the greatness it has achieved over the last 200 years.
    God Bless The USA !

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