Nancy Pelosi LOST her composure during a live interview with Wolfe Blitzer

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After failing to pass a coronavirus stimulus package, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had a meltdown this week on live cable news, and it was not a good look. Here’s what happened.

A recent survey found that most Americans blame Speaker Nancy Pelosi for a failure to reach a deal on a coronavirus stimulus package. Of those polled, 43 percent of Americans blamed Pelosi, while 40 percent blamed President Trump.

In this clip, guest host Hilary Kennedy, Jason Buttrill, and Blaze TV host Elijah Schaffer discussed why Pelosi rejected President Trump’s offer to sign a stand-alone stimulus bill. The $1.8 trillion stimulus bill would have provided another round of the $1200 stimulus checks to Americans.

Later, the panel discussed a contentious exchange between Pelosi and CNN’s Wolf Blitzer during a one-on-one live interview. Here’s an excerpt from the meltdown.

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“It’s not about me. It’s about millions of Americans who can’t put food on the table. Who can’t pay the rent. Who are having trouble,” Blitzer said.

“And we represent them, and we represent them,” Pelosi interrupted. “Thank you for your sensitivity to the needs of our constituents.”

“It is a sad day when CNN cares more for the American people,” Elijah said.

Watch the clip for more from the panel.

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  1. Nasty Pelosi knows that the end of her reign of stupidity is almost at an end ,she will remain in office for a while but will be reduced to insignificance in January unfortunately we will have to have some of her stupid cohorts in Congress for a while like Adam Schi# and Nadler the
    nattering nabob that can barely find the restroom on his own

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