Man and his girlfriend viciously beaten over their pro-Trump flag in Oklahoma City, police say

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Police say that a man and his girlfriend were viciously beaten because they were driving with a pro-Trump flag on their truck in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The troubling incident unfolded Monday morning in the Bricktown area.

A witness told KOCO-TV that the fight was politically motivated and began when the couple arrived at a gas station with a large “Trump 2020” flag attached to the tailgate of their truck.

“The victim stated he and some other people pulled up to a gas pump,” said Sgt. Megan Morgan of the Oklahoma City Police Department.

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The report says that there were numerous motorcycle riders at the gas pumps.

“That’s when a verbal altercation ensued between the victim and the suspect,” she said.

The fight resulted in the flag being torn from the truck.

“A full altercation ensued where a victim and a second victim got injured,” Morgan said.

The police said that the man and his girlfriend were beaten so badly that they were bleeding from their nose, mouth, and both eyes. KOCO reported that friends of the couple said on Facebook that they had to receive staples in their heads over their injuries.

Police said that the motorcycle riders at the scene were uncooperative, would not help them identify the attackers, and instead, offered “the usual anti-police rhetoric.”

The clerk at the gas station told the police that they did not have exterior security cameras at the station.

Police have asked for the public’s help in obtaining information on the suspects in the attack.

Political violence appears to have increased across the country as Election Day nears and passions heighten between Americans who disagree with each other. In one bizarre episode from California in June, a man threatened Black Lives Matter protesters with a chainsaw while yelling racist epithets.

Here’s a local news report about the attack:

[embedded content]
Two people beaten during fight over ‘Trump 2020’ flag in Bricktown, police say

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  1. Well, it boils down to if Biden is elected, then we will be under a Chinese Communist regime. Mr. Trump is our only hope to keep America a free nation.

  2. A large caliber handgun in the hands of the victim along with a mind set to NOT be beaten near senseless would have come in handy.

      1. I absolutely agree and in addition I suggest that anyone planning to attend any event where opposition forces could conceivably accost you, you should be carrying a stun-gun of some sort. New, small models ate about this size of a propane cigaret lighter and will convey your message “Hey! I am here to stay.”

  3. While I am for Trump as I love the Constitution and my Country, I would still not tear down, assault, or in any way bother anyone else’s freedom of free speech. I guess the Democrats forgot that this is something that was so important that it is FIRST in our Amendments. Freedom of Speech!!

    1. Why are you making an all encompassing statement about Democrats. I know lots of people from both political parties who would not do this. This incident sounds like something from an extremist group that could come from either parties that most people would abhor. Quit stirring the you know what. To incite is bad for all.

      1. I guess the statement was made because Democrats have been attacking Republicans and drawing blood all summer. This will not end well for them if they continue to demand Civil War once they loose, again.

      2. It seems that allot more Trump supporters are being attacked than Biden supporters. I don’t hear democrats going against this violence and see many online applauding the it. They say you have freedom of speech but not freedom of consequences from that speech. Basically, believe what you want but we will attack you if we do not agree!

  4. Left wing ideologies (fascists, socialists, Marxists, communists) ALWAYS do this – brown shirts in Germany, Bolsheviks in Russia, Red Guard in China

    Toss in the anarcho-Marxists of BLM and Antifa who hide behind facades to excuse their desire to destroy everything and you’ve got an army of leftist asshats out there who think it’s perfectly alright to destroy, assault, kill anyone who’s contrary to their dystopian views

    Criminals like BLM/Antifa and insanely deluded Kool-Aid drinking leftists are EXACTLY why everyone needs to concealed carry – call them high speed wireless defensive devices 🙂

    When seconds count, the police are minutes away – if they’re even permitted to respond

    1. They sure seem to be willing to inflict great harm and destruction on civil folks, even killing some. Why aren’t they being prosecuted?

  5. You know why— George Soros and his buddies bail these thugs out, pay for their legal and put them back on the street. It is probably going to get worse when Trump is reelected.

  6. It shouldn’t be the case, but if you’re going to tempt fate, then at least bring enough people who will have your back if a confrontation takes place. Even one weapon against 10 people are not good odds. You’re bound to lose.

  7. Shutdown the little Hitler; G. Soros and this shit will all stop…………..if he can be found. With all of the US’s military might, yet this mental midget can’t be stopped highjacking the US political system, or does the 1% control this…………………

  8. The effeminate left are really tough when the odds are twenty to one but they are going to go too far one of these days not everyone is as unarmed as they would like someday they will pick on the wrong person and they will get their stupid communist butts kicked clear off the planet

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