Joe Biden Confuses President Trump with George Bush, “4 More Years of George, Uh George…Uh” (VIDEO)


77-year-old Joe Biden on Sunday evening participated in a virtual event after calling a lid all day just 9 days until Election Day.

It didn’t go well.

Biden confused President Trump with former president George Bush.

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“…What kind of country we’re gonna be. Four more years of George…uh George uh he uh is gonna find ourselves in a position where if Trump gets elected we’re gonna uh we’re gonna be in a different world,” said Biden.

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Notice his handler wife Jill tried to help Biden a little as he was struggling to remember Trump’s name.


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  1. It’s evening & he is “sundowning”. Another clear sign that he has dementia & gets much worse as the day progresses. Can anyone with any sanity feel safe voting for this husk of a man?
    Instead, vote out the Leftists & save America by electing Conservatives & re-electing Trump.

  2. Putting sock puppet, Alzheimeric Quid Pro Joe Hide’n OBiden out there is senior abuse – even with a teleprompter in front of him, this guy rarely knows where he is, who he is, what office he’s running for, or who he’s running against

  3. People seem to forget. Joe Biden, if elected, will NOT be the real president. It will be Kamalala Harris and the American Soviet Socialist wing of the democrat party who are actually in control. They couldn’t care less about Biden. He’s strictly name recognition.

    1. You are absolutely right!!! Pelosi’s invoking the 25th amendment regarding removal of the president for health reasons is not about Trump, it’s about Biden!

  4. Jo Bidumb , Chunk Scummer and Nasty pisslosy the three stooges of the national socialist Democrat American party these people need to be removed from any public office along with all of their subordinates and their little stormtroopers in antifa, blm and nfac need to be rounded up and incarcerated and rededicated if possible. Socialism communism or fascism are completely incompatible with our form of government

  5. People with dementia – Alzheimer’s and other brain debilitating diseases often say things they mean or remember – not what they are expected to say – at inopportune times. They can be talking about one thing and suddenly blurt out something totally unrelated but true. Watching Joe Biden desperately trying to cover and make excuses for all of his corruption is like watching a blind man crawling through a mine field using a hammer for a mine detector. No wonder the Democrats want him in his basement with a “lid” on reporters.
    Last week Nancy Pelosi tried to jump up and seize some moral high ground – the Screecher of the House was whining about how unfair it is that some people have so much money and privilege while others have so little – when a young lady in the audience asked Pelosi about her own wealth and privilege – The Screecher lost it and screamed at the young lady – “WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT”.
    In another report former Secretary of Take – Hillary Clinton – was quoted as saying at a recent event “I was born to be president”.
    Talk about your basic “ENTITLEMENT” huh?
    It really must suck for Hillary now – whenever she goes home to Chicago she has to be reminded of her losses – especially when passing the Obama – or whoever the hell he really is – Presidential Library? Why didn’t he build it in Hawaii? Personally I think it is because like everyone else Barry used to get where he is – Hawaii is no longer useful. But – deep down I’d really like to think he did it just to piss the HIldebeast off.

  6. An honest Question;

    How does any Woman stand next to these Morons as if they themselves believes they are anything but corrupt.
    I’m talking about the past 30 + years in our Government and in particular Our’ White-house and the Democrat Communist party.
    America has not had a woman in the Our’ White-house with any Class whatsoever UNTIL Mrs. Melania Trump!
    I’ve been wanting to say that for years ABOUT THOSE WOMEN!


    Does anyone know who and how many card carrying Communist are in Our Government?
    Don’t you think we should have heard them in the very beginning declare themselves as Communist before we voted for them?
    Afterall America has been fighting against Communism all over the world for many years long before VietNam, although as of late we never hear about this do we?
    Well get up off your 6 and start doing something about these communist pigs. DEMAND FULL DISCLOSURE AND REMOVAL OF ALL OF THEM FROM OUR GOVERNMENT NOW!!!!

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