CNN Refuses To Air Anti-Biden Ad – Even Though It’s Accurate


For years now, CNN has made it clear that they are an anti-Trump network. All day long, they run with the most Trump-critical programming they can create. They have pushed every imaginable anti-Trump story from the ‘fine people’ hoax to the Russia hoax.

Now CNN has decided it no longer likes negative programming, even if it’s true, as long as it’s critical of Joe Biden.

They are refusing to air an anti-Biden ad even though it’s accurate.

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Townhall reports:

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Fact Check: CNN Refuses to Air ‘False’ Anti-Biden Ad, Even Though It’s Accurate

This analysis dovetails with my post this morning regarding some news media outlets moving more explicitly and aggressively toward censoring and suppressing information they deem unhelpful to their preferred political outcomes.

CNN’s editorial position on President Trump is not subtle. They loathe him and want him gone, even though some of their opinion hosts may feel lost without him. The network is now refusing to air an anti-Biden ad from a pro-Trump organization, declining to run it on the grounds that it’s been judged factually false…

One can make the case that some of the language is harsh or debatable. Has Biden “coddled” Communist China? You can argue that goes too far, or you can cite some of his words and actions and say it’s tough but fair. Watch this video, which Trump has been playing at rallies. The same applies to “siding with Socialists.”

Watch the ad below:

[embedded content]

Meanwhile for CNN on Twitter, it’s all anti-Trump all the time.

CNN has been trying to get rid of Trump since he was elected in 2016.

It has become their business model.

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  1. At this point, it is blatant and in your face. CNN and others have their heads so far up the Dems backside that if somebody passes gas over there? They will all have nose bleeds from concussions they receive!

  2. The communist neusence network is just like all the other propaganda mills that need to have their licenses removed for ever claiming to be politically neutral

  3. And your surprised the media is kissing ass to the long ongoing corruption called the radical faction of the Democratic party?

    C = Cocksuckers
    N = Numbskulls
    N = Nitwits

  4. CNN is a joke. Has been for a very long time. They are right up there with algore’s Al-Jazeera which we know didn’t last long in freedom loving America. Maybe CNN will be the next one to go toes up.
    Save America. Re-elect Trump.

  5. Get Trump re-elected and pull its license. ALL media, including social, should operate under a law that if you can’t be neutral you cannot BE.

    1. There WAS a time that journalists actually prided themselves on accuracy. If you create a false article, you’d find yourself going nowhere as a journalist. You were shunned. These days, all that matters is whether the article gets ratings, accuracy and honesty don’t matter.

  6. Cabal News Network

    is a wholly owned subsidiary of Communist Chinese party, Come to think about it so is Biden (the whole crime family syndicate).

    Why don’t they just change the networks name to: Corrupt Chinese Propoganda.

    For that matter the Demolished party can just change it’s name to what we know it to be: the Socialist Party.

    See, Fixed it for them. Wait they are trying to fix something aren’t they? Oh yeah, right…The Election.


    These are the choices.

  7. God Forbid – CNN would ever report any real news. I personally am still laughing at what Fredo said months ago maybe even last year – when he claimed he confronted some “Loser Biker” on Fredo’s own street. Turns out this “Loser Biker” was a guy from his neighborhood out riding his bicycle. If like me you read the headline and wondered why the “Biker” didn’t just put his kick stand down and proceed to kick Fredo’s ass up and down that street – now you know. Maybe Fredo should watch how he chooses his words – he may just offend the wrong person.

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