Hmmm: Nevada Won’t Announce Any More Election Results Until Thursday

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There’s a story from the 1960 presidential campaign, maybe apocryphal, that early Wednesday morning after the voting, the race had come down to two states — Illinois and Texas.

Lyndon Johnson assured Kennedy that Texas was in the bag because Democrats controlled most of the remaining counties that had not reported election results. But Kennedy was trailing in Illinois and had his campaign manager, his brother Bobby, ring up Mayor Richard Daley in Chicago. Bobby explained the situation to him and Daley knew exactly what the brothers wanted.

“How many votes do you need, Bobby?” Daley reportedly asked.

It became known as “The Night of the Living Dead” as an investigation by an enterprising journalist later found hundreds of ballots cast by people who had died. Daley found other ways to steal the vote:

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• Election judges are supposed to keep an eye out for anything fishy at the polls. Republicans had a small presence in the city, though, and it was difficult to find Republican volunteers for the post, Crawford said.

Democrats would pretend to be Republicans and would volunteer, meaning there were actually two Democrats at polling places. Officers who provided security got their jobs from the Machine and weren’t going to say anything about what happened, Crawford said.

• People would be promised $5, a warm meal or a drink at the local pub to vote for the “right” people, said Crawford and Simpson.

In truth, downstate Illinois GOP bosses were just as good at stealing votes as Chicago. On election night, they played a cat-and-mouse game with Daley, trying to get the mayor to commit the balance of his vote totals before they did so that they could steal the election. Daley apparently faked them out and downstate Republicans were forced to show their hand first. From there, it was an easy task for Daley to get all the votes he needed, giving Kennedy a margin of about 70,000 votes in Cook County.

We are told that this sort of nonsense has been cleaned up and there is no voter fraud anymore. If so, why is it taking Nevada so long to announce its vote totals?

Wayne Thorley, the secretary of state for elections, told the media early this morning that no more election results from Nevada will be announced today. The media will have to wait for the next cache of numbers Thursday.

Las Vegas Review-Journal:

He said the decision to report the tally on Thursday morning was made so that local county elections officials will not be disrupted as they count the ballots throughout Wednesday.

He also said the number reported Thursday morning will not be the final vote tally for Nevada.

Thorley also said it is possible that the tally of mail-in ballots could change outcomes.

What?!? It’s their fricking job to be “disrupted.” They are responsible to the public to get those results out immediately, if not sooner. I guess when you only have ten fingers and ten toes, the counting process slows down a bit.

The elections division said the votes left to count include:

— Mail ballots received on Election Day

— Mail ballots that will be received over the next week

— Provisional ballots

“Ballots outstanding is difficult to estimate in Nevada because every voter was sent a mail ballot. Obviously, not all will vote,” the elections division said in the tweet.

The Trump campaign fought tooth and nail against the idea of sending actual legal ballots through the mail — for obvious reasons. Delaying the release of voting totals is suspicious, even in this day and age. But if you’re not interested in ballot integrity, anything becomes possible.

“How many votes do you need, Joe?”

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