Two Trump supporters shot in drive-by pellet gun attack at a corner rally in Florida

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Police say someone drove by a street corner rally for President Donald Trump in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and fired into the crowd with a pellet gun, striking two supporters of the president.

Fort Lauderdale police said the two adult victims were treated at the scene for minor injuries and released.

Witnesses said that they saw a black Porsche SUV round the corner they have called “Freedom Corner” before the shots rang out.

Trump supporter Celeste Ellich told the South Florida Sun Sentinel that they had experienced drivers throwing water bottles at them but this was the first time someone shot at them with a pellet gun.

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“You still should be able to stand there and peacefully protest,” said Ellich. “I was waiting for something like this to potentially happen.”

One of the victims spoke to WSVN-TV about the attack.

“I didn’t come out here looking for trouble, I came out here with a flag to support my president!” said an emotional Evelyn Alvarez.

She showed the wound where she had been shot in the temple, very close to her eye.

“We were having a peaceful rally to show support for our president, just out here flag waving and with our signs,” said Alvarez.

She said that they heard the occupants of the car shouting obscenities during the attack. Another woman was hit in the shoulder.

One Trump supporter posted video reportedly showing the aftermath of the shooting with the police response.

A similar incident was documented in the nearby neighborhood of Wilton Manors where two pedestrians were shot with paintball pellets by people driving by in a truck. No political motivation was reported in that attack.

Ellich, who is the director of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida, said that they would make sure future events ended before dark.

Here’s a local news video about the attack:

[embedded content]
2 injured after shooter fires pellets into crowd of Trump supporters in Fort Lauderdale

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  1. You never hear of Real Americans doing anything like this or burning, and looting, it’s always the leftist lowlife democrat followers showing their intelligence levels. I was taught at an early age if you mess with $hit you get it on you and the majority of dems is just that.

  2. THat’s why we go armed and if this were to happen to a rally we attend..return fire would have resulted…Get ready folks it’s not going to get any better no matter who wins this rigged election.

    1. Right John!
      We are highly dedicated & peaceful Constitutionalists here, however anyone doing anything to cause harm to any peaceful Americans will be met with the appropriate deadly force! Patriot Americans have never been as heavily armed and motivated to defend The Constitution and America from ALL threats from outside OR from within the US than they are today! I have warned the democrat and RINO American citizens who have been pushing for the destruction of The Constitution and America for years, that they are completely outnumbered and outclassed by the most powerful (“Sleeping Giant”) the Earth has ever known! Make sure that what you are voting for and violently protesting is worth dying for if it goes against The Constitution, because the path that the communists within America have been on will sooner or later result in a great many deaths unless the law of the land is not returned to all Americans immediately!

    2. You correct. The time for patience, being nice and respecting non-enforced laws has ended. We are armed, loaded and ready. The older one gets, the less they have to lose. Grand Torino time for the criminal thugs is here. Voting system will be proven corrupt in dem controlled states. Always has been. Blood and death is only option left to protect and defend our hard won democracy.

    1. They are vastly outnumbered and there will be no compassion for them in the future!
      Ignorance of The Constitution is NO excuse!!!

  3. Too bad the Trump supporters were not armed. They could have returned fire, lead for pellets. At the time of the shooting the supporters were not aware that they were being shot at by idiots using pellet guns. Just think what would have happened if someone had returned fire, but with real bullets, many a few piles of poop on the vehicle seats. Wow, wouldn’t that have been a little smelly?

  4. Don’t shoot at someone if you don’t want to die, that person may be armed with a real gun. Law says if it looks real it is real.

  5. I’m a proud Christian and as much as I try to use Jesus as my inspiration, I’m also a flawed human. I have to say I’m getting really tired of the “turn the other cheek” teaching and I’m ready to get to “an eye for an eye”. For the last four years the vicious cretins that make up the Democrat “army” have, at the behest of the Democrat leadership, taken it upon themselves to beat the hell out of little old men because they were wearing a red cap. We’ve been expected to say, “You’ve kicked my dad’s ass for no reason at all, that’s my mom over there-give her a piece of it, too”. Not only am I ready for the eye for an eye piece, I’d really like to escalate to your worthless life for an eye. My prayers for God’s intervention have gone unheeded and I’m ready to take my own actions. In fact, I’m as upset about the corrupt crud balls of the Democrat Party who unleashed this violence as I am the perpetrators. I guess the final insult is that after releasing terror on the American people, the Democrats blame Trump for the violence.

  6. We are as close to civil war in this country as we will be for some time to come. The dems cheated throughout this entire election. Biden has sold out our nation only for family profit and we turned as weak as pudding under Obama and Biden’s america. He belongs in jail of a firing squad for using the voice presidency against his own for family profit. We the people do not and will not forget.

  7. Three executed trump supporters we know of, 3 more conservatives stabbed this week in DC by democrat “anti fa” following the orders of the democrat party. They expect us to sit idly by while they do the exact same thing their nazi predecessors did in Germany in the 30s. They’re in for a surprise. The German people weren’t an armed citizenry, we are. We can fight back.

    1. Then I suggest we open fire on all antifa and black lives matter, shoot to kill and send the message that WE WILL NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!

  8. Biden is not my President, worked for Democrats and people felt that was their right. If it worked for them it will work for us. We know the extremists plan for Trump supporters. Mad Max started all this push back, let’s see how they handle it.

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