Cops arrest man for allegedly impersonating a police officer, say he was pulling over vehicles for his YouTube channel

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Utah authorities said this week that they arrested an 18-year-old man and charged him with impersonating a police officer.

The suspect, who remains unnamed at the time of this reporting, allegedly impersonated the officer for his YouTube channel, according to Insider.

What are the details?

The outlet reported that a person called the South Jordan Police Department on Monday and reported that a man in a car with red and blue lights affixed to it pulled several vehicles over for reportedly speeding.

The complainant told authorities that the suspect also pulled over a school bus.

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A police affidavit states, “The complainant said he saw the suspect drive using red and blue lights impersonating a police officer and having vehicles pull off the side of the road. The complainant said the suspect had vehicles pull off the side of the road and driving very fast going onto oncoming traffic.”

According to an affidavit obtained by Insider, police seized two airsoft guns — one reportedly resembled a handgun; the other, an AR-15 — and reflective gear from the suspect’s home. The suspect purportedly told authorities that he was filming for his YouTube channel.

“I asked (him) what was going on and he said he was filming a video inside his Dodge Dart acting as a police officer for YouTube,” a portion of the affidavit states. “(He) said he was driving over the speed limit and forcing vehicles off the road acting as a police officer for a video.”

Insider reported that the suspect had also reportedly set up a roadside camera to capture the footage.

Authorities arrested the suspect on Monday and charged him with one count of reckless driving as well as one count of impersonating a police officer. He was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail that same day.

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