More on Pennsylvania – Another Statistical Analysis Shows Roughly 300,000 Biden Votes Are Questionable


Last week we produced an article which provided evidence that the election results in Pennsylvania included results which were almost impossible.   Today we received another report covering the Pennsylvania election results which supports our initial reporting and provides more information.

We reported last week that there were anomalies in Pennsylvania’s data after the 2020 election.  President Trump won in a landslide on Election day with roughly two votes to every one Biden vote.  The President won some counties by 80% of the vote.  These results are reasonable to anyone who drove through Pennsylvania in the weeks and days before the election.  Wherever you went, Trump signage was everywhere.

Then with roughly 75% of the vote counted the state began counting mail-in ballots.  In this process there President received a consistent variance of his election day landslide across almost all counties.  By the time they were done, Biden had somehow gained such a high portion of the mail-in ballots that he then lead the race.  The pattern we identified in how he got there was almost impossible.

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We now have come across another statistical survey of the results in Pennsylvania.  We cannot provided the full content of this  study at this time but we can share a summary of the results which complimented our article from last week posted above.

Several nationally recognized statistics experts were asked to examine the 2020 Pennsylvania voting records, and to identify anything they deemed to be statistically significant anomalies.   These experts were asked to work independently and then their efforts were compiled.

Their one — and only — objective was to try to assure that every legal Pennsylvania vote is counted, and only legal Pennsylvania votes are counted.  The primary takeaway from their work is that ALL of these experts came to the same conclusions on the following five areas:

1) There are some major statistical aberrations in the PA voting records, that are extremely unlikely to occur in a normal (i.e. un-manipulated) setting.
2) The anomalies almost exclusively happened with the Biden votes. Time and again, using a variety of techniques, the Trump votes looked statistically normal.
3) Eleven (out of 67) Pennsylvania counties stood out from all the rest. These counties showed distinctive signs of voting abnormalities — again, all for Biden.
4) The total number of suspicious votes in these counties is 300,000± — which greatly exceeds the reported margin of Biden votes over Trump. (We don’t know how many of these are artificial Biden votes, or votes switched from Trump to Biden.)
5) These statistical analyses do not prove fraud, but rather provide scientific evidence that the reported results are highly unlikely to be an accurate reflection of how Pennsylvania Citizens voted.

There’s much more to this analysis.  Overall it supports our prior reporting and indicates what we believe, that the results of the 2020 Presidential vote in Pennsylvania have too many questions to be considered valid.

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    1. Why doesn’t he??? ALL the votes suspected to have been counted outside of the United States should be cancelled because of having no control of the counting process. ALL of the “votes” counted after Republican poll watchers were sent home under the FALSE pretense that everyone was going home for the night should be disqualified because there was no Republican presence there and “votes” were still being counted (or rather switched to Biden or thousands of ILLEGAL votes were added to the count).

    2. Simply put we all hope Trump will say no way, Jose, and there will be a new and legal election pronto and no mechanical item that can print out just what one wants. I read to day that this Dominion should be disallowed as it has been kicked out abroad. If you can’t win legally then you should never win illegally and Biden being told to tell us that our taxes will go way up, that abortion is great, etc., etc. Biden is not all there without mechanical help to spout this garbage but Pelosi is drooling that he wins and then is told to retire himself doe to whatever and she marches into the WH because she is the SPEAKER and no way will Kamala move and probably will also be forced out. Praying every day to GOD to stop these communists and as in 2016 give us Trump for another 4 yrs. for our Republic (we are not a democracy, thank GOD) nor are we going socialist as I lived under socialism and it ain’t allowing freebies, but if you don’t work you don’t eat so any democrat communist who tells you differently best wake up and be sure to vote for Trump and never ever forget WE, THE PEOPLE, ARE THE (REAL) GOVERNMENT AND POWER and all 3 departments are our hired help: #1 SC, #2 Legislature (and let’s have our tax monies moved to a department separate from #2, and #3 the Executive and all our SERVANTS/or better said our hired employees and we need to bring them back to earth and not more raising their salaries or lifetime benefits because we will take that all away, and a minimum of working 10 1/2 months and then they have a vacation but on their own money and no more every few weeks taking a break.

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