WATCH: Anti-Cop Antifa March Blocking Traffic in DC


Anti-cop Antifa militants are out blocking traffic in DC on Saturday evening.

Many of the militants are dressed in the typical black bloc style to help them avoid arrests, should they begin to commit their usual crimes.

The militants were blocking traffic in Dupont Circle, a trendy area filled with bars and restaurants.

They were surrounding vehicles and marching through the street with a banner that reads “free the people, fight the ppower, f-ck the police” and “defund, disarm, disband.”

TRENDING: “Georgia Is the First State I’m Going to Blow Up and Mr. Kemp and the Secretary of State Need to Go With It!” — Sidney Powell Releases the Kraken! (VIDEO)

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Earlier in the day, a woman wearing white pants painted with red “blood” spoke through a bullhorn about a conspiracy theory regarding illegal aliens receiving hysterectomies while in custody.

The situation in DC is currently ongoing and the Gateway Pundit will be posting updates if things escalate.

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  1. My pick up would make a real mess of the “street protest”. I have no probelems with just running these cretins over. A 5500 lb truck moving about 35 mph + would be a sight to see.

    1. Block some Americans from their peaceful right to passage, and you do risk life and limb should someone decide that they need to be fearful for their and their loved ones lives! These terrorist punks apparently never had their mamas teach them not to play in the road~! 😉 I do not like people to harm each other and have spent a lifetime trying to avoid it, however this IS a “survival of the fittest” natural world, where everyone takes their own risks every day and many never live to see another sunrise! Respect The Constitution or pay the price~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. If the police don’t protect me, I will protect myself and “the police” had better get out of my way!
        There is nothing more to say about it~!

    1. HA!
      Good thought “moon” but this war from within America has been ongoing for more than 100 years! The war is NOT new, it is just the general American public is starting to wake up because this war is starting to burn them! ANY American Constitutionalist would tell you that this war from within is older than anyone currently alive, except for some of the voters in the past election who were “apparently” over 150 years old! Ha! Welcome to the real world and the state of affairs in the US! Oh, and now that the majority of Americans have completely failed to do their one most important duty for a great many decades, it just may interest you to know that America is without any doubt losing this old war from within to protect and defend The Constitution, so you may want to start looking for another “more free” country to run and hide! Good luck with that BTW~!

  2. How many of the Antifa racists actually ever served in the military, and of that number, how many ever served a day in combat? From their actions, there aren’t many veterans in the organization. Those few who are veterans know how serious anti-Antifa people are and their hate of the punks and pukes that make up Antifa. If there comes a time for a civil war, Antifa will be the first to donate their blood, instead of their mouths, because the people are tired of their B__lSh_t and will turn against them, one way or the other.

      1. Still have my 50 Cal. Barrett & plenty of ammo….I can move Antifa from 2 miles away! I’ve been prepared for the next Civil War!

      2. There are a great many more than you think! 🙂
        Most never advertise their duty, they just do it!
        There have been battlefields, and then there are battlefields~!
        Try as the criminals of humanity always do, they can NEVEER defeat The Spirit of Nationalism!!!
        American Constitutionalists NEVER quit 🙂

    1. I don’t believe there would be any former members of our armed services in line with these punks. People that joined our armed services took an oath and believe it or not, most still believe in it. Regardless of if they are still in or out. I pray there’s no vets in that group. That would be sad.
      It would be nice if we could just run them over if they are in the street but who drives without their license plate on their car? That way they couldn’t be ID’ed.
      It is past time to take back control of our country, especially if basement biden makes it to the WH If he’s allowed to steal this election then they will never allow anyone else to win an election. From then on they would know how many fake votes to make because we all voted this time around. Now they know what it takes to beat everyone from now to eternity.

      1. Excellent comment!
        There are very few American military vets in the ranks of the criminals of humanity, at least at the lower street level so far, but there will be absolutely no hesitation in eliminating them when the time comes. Those who are attacking The Constitution are marked for termination and wearing a mask is no shield in this day of electronic warfare. Most newer vehicles can be tracked by their onboard computers, so that license plate is not as meaningful as people assume. Also, ALL cell phones and the like are constantly tracked in real time by the system in place. These vaccines for a flu virus that no one has seen a scientific lab study isolate (prove it even exists), are also being developed to inject nano-technology that will in fact be a permanent tracking “device” for the life of those who so foolishly leap before they look! Yes, this will be the last American election by The American People, if the criminals of humanity are allowed to steal it (again – this time), however President Trump did in fact win in a landslide and he will be sworn in for his second term next year~! EVERYTHING is at stake and America is at extreme risk today, because most Americans have failed to do their one most important solemn duty above all others! Thank you for your time serving the country and don’t give up hope! We ARE the many, and they are the few!
        Molon Labe~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. They are already targeted for elimination sir!
      This civil war has been ongoing for a great many decades and the defenders of The Constitution have been killing and being killed, well out of the short sighted American general public 🙂 The American Constitutionalists have been fully engaged in this old civil war (war from within) for over 100 years now, as the illusion that was the US has continued to blind and baffle the majority of Americans (until recently).Thank you for your service to America, but there has always been a far more bloody battle going on behind all of those closed door meetings within the US that the general public knows little to nothing about! While the sheep sleep, the American Patriots never rest~! WWG1WGA

  3. This reminds me of the statement Admiral Yamamoto made after the attack on Pearl Harbor, ” I’m afraid all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant”. That was referring to the Patriotic American people. We haven’t gone anywhere, we are still here and we will not back down.

    1. In fact absolutely correct!
      There are over 350 million Americans and there are in fact more than 350 million guns (with ammo) in the hands of American citizens! Your reference of Admiral Yamamoto is even more accurate today than at any other time in American history “Big Mike” and this last landslide for President Trump is absolute proof that the vast majority of Americans are in fact waking up to the threat against their country, The Constitution, and their very lives! There will be no backing down and there now MUST be a purge of the oppressive unconstitutional out of control government and ALL who have supported the destruction of America! There will be numerous trials and executions in the future, of those who have betrayed America and committed treason! Either the courts and the legal system will do their duty, of the American public will!

  4. Cuomo’s partenership with and use of the Corona virus to try to make him into or look like an example of a good governor has failed and has instead made NY City and state bad places to live in. He has done nothing to earn an award for decent governship in NY. He has caused damage to his image and done more damage to NYC’s and State’s image than should earn him an EMMY for any good thing that would enhance his reputation.

  5. Until someone pushes them out of the way with their car and they get injured this will continue. They have a right to protest peacefully. They have NO RIGHT to stop people from driving and possibly trying to get to work or maybe a doctor appointment. And if they get hit by a car,so be it. That should be expected when you play in traffic.

  6. The only thing a useless cop is good for is a moving target. Hope they have good shooting and hit the targets.

    1. The only thing that you display is how stupid you sound and how uneducated you are. Without the police, you and so many others would be at the mercy of the drug dealers and MS13 and the Tongs running around killing those that stand up to them also the Mafia and the Russian Mafia and the Commie Democrats. How would you like to live in China or Russia where you have no freedom of speech and have to do what you are told with no freedom at all. There they shoot you for disobedience or put you and your family in reeducation camps for years. I served this country as a soldier and a police officer. I have been shot by Scum walking the streets as drug dealers and convicted felons I have been stabbed by a drug-crazed addict when I was trying to help him get to a detox clinic, so you need to look at yourself it sounds like you need help so next time you need help call a drug dealer. JS

      1. Well put John . But as you and i know , there is no point trying to reason with someone in minutes , that took years to brainwash . Very soon the streets will run red with their blood . I am afraid , it is the only solution there is .

  7. Used a bullhorn,warm them to move three times.If no movement run them over.Roads were made for moving traffic not protests

  8. When ANTIFA was rioting in Portland, occasionally they would see one of their buddies grabbed and put into a black car and driven away. They were demanding to unfund the police. They said it looked like their buddies were being kidnapped. ANTIFA is so infantile and not very intelligent, that their reaction was to call 9-1-1. Their Hypocrisy was very much laughed at and enjoyed.

  9. Willing to bet if every single one of the antifa blockheads were subjected to a thorough psych exam, they would ALL be declared “certifiably insane”.

  10. As long as “the police” are simply going to stand around and watch, the rioters are probably right; they may as well be de-funded. Why pay someone for _not_ doing their job?

    Voters get exactly the government they deserve; good and hard!

    Progressivism is a mental disease.

    1. This ongoing war from within is older than anyone currently alive, however I completely agree that “we” (Americans) must allow the legal & court system to play out before taking any serious actions! The criminals of humanity have set a trap for Americans, should they do their Constitutional duty “too soon”! In keeping with The Constitution, Americans must give “the government” a chance to do their most sacred duty. If the government/legal system fails this time however, and allows this epic theft of an election to happen, then it will be time for the Americans to do their most sacred solemn duty to protect and defend America, The Constitution, and themselves from the catastrophic harm that would surely obviously come to ALL Americans! We have come this far and tolerated a great many decades of abuse and terrorism from our own government, so another couple of months is just the price we must now pay for the previous generations of Americans failures! The price of this oppressive government has come due and payable today, so we must accept that cost in the hopes that we can purge this country of the criminals of humanity with minimal bloodshed! If “we” are again betrayed, this will be the cue to lock & load and take all actions necessary to win this old nasty underhanded war from within!

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