Trump Supporter Charged with Assault for Breathing on Protesters

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They told me that if Joe Biden won the election,* Trump supporters would start getting arrested just for breathing. And they were right!

Derrick Ward, NBC4 Washington:

A man accused of breathing on anti-Trump protesters outside the president’s golf club in Sterling, Virginia, was charged with misdemeanor assault.

Kathy Beynette told News4 that she and another woman were protesting President Trump outside the Trump National Golf Club on Saturday. Across the street, a group of Trump supporters were counter protesting…

“Then, quite out of nowhere, the guy came over from across the street, came charging across the street,” Beynette said…

In the video, a woman can be heard telling him, “You’re in my face and you don’t have a mask, so you need to back off.” The man then takes a deep breath and blows.

“He just proceeded to assault us by taking a deep breath and doing a very powerful exhalation on both of us,” Beynette said.

Oh no, not that! Witness this horrible crime for yourself:

[embedded content]

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Okay, two things here:

  1. This guy is a dumb jerk and he shouldn’t have done that.
  2. If these women wanted to be safe from the virus, they shouldn’t have been out protesting.

Both things are true. He shouldn’t run around blowing on people, pandemic or not. And those women shouldn’t have been there in the first place if they actually believe they’re now in danger. Yes, they had the right to be there, and I have the right to point out that they’re at least as stupid as the guy who “assaulted” them.

What were any of them doing there in the first place? What were they accomplishing? What was gained? The rest of us aren’t supposed to have Thanksgiving this year, but these intellectual giants get to run around protesting a golf course?

(Although one nice thing about having a Democrat back in the White House is that playing golf won’t be evil anymore.)

My favorite part of this story is that these two hens are now complaining that they had to cancel their Thanksgiving plans. Well then, they should’ve stayed home. Staying home really cuts down on the chances of complete strangers walking up and breathing on you.

Everything about this story makes me even more depressed about the state of America and all mankind. I get that everybody’s exhausted and nobody knows what to do. Nobody’s thinking straight, assuming they were able to think straight before they’d ever heard of COVID-19. But I just wish everybody would calm down and stop being idiots. Is that really too much to ask?

Mind you, I’m not calling for anybody to be locked up just for, say, holding a Thanksgiving dinner with more than some arbitrary number of people. I’m not a fascist like Oregon Governor Kate Brown, who wants you to squeal on your neighbors for being too festive. And this is after months of rioting in Portland and other Oregon cities. You can smash store windows every single night, and Oregon jails have revolving doors. They’ll let you out again and again. But if you cook a turkey and invite people over, then you’re really in trouble.

Nightly riots? Set ’em free!
Thanksgiving dinner? Lock ’em up!

Or at least until we defund the police.

(Hat tip: Chris Pandolfo)

*I mean, Biden won. There were only two possibilities, and that’s one of them. One candidate has to win and the other one has to lose. That’s how it works. You don’t have to like it, and you can come up with as many conspiracy theories as you want, but it’s over. Sorry to spoil the pity party.

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  1. What this country needs right now is a good dictator! The unfortunate part is that we are quite likely to get one, but from the wrong party or philosophical point of view.

    With all the student protests in colleges and even high schools and all the outright blatant stupidity, not just common old ignorance, it is going to require the application of brute force to quell the likes of ANTIFA and BLM.

    As in all things, no lesson is truly learned unless the person being given the lesson feels some pain. That pain can be mental, as in being disappointed, or going well beyond that to serious physical pain. You cannot slap the wrists of malcontents and put them pack on the street and expect any alteration of their behavior. Until you make them uncomfortable in some important and essential manner, you are wasting your time and providing them with “street cred”.

    It had been written that a nation would grow from anarchy through the various steps to Democracy and success, then become indifferent and begin the fall again to a dictatorship. We have clearly passed the peak and are well on he way down the slope.

    If we had a man like TRUMP who had dictatorial powers, this might be able to be turned around, but the only ones in power and capable of staying in power are planning a far worse fate for our great nation.

    1. Democracy is NOT a state of success. It is mob rule (two wolves and a sheep deciding the dinner menu. We are a repyblic for a good reason. It protects the minority group too.

  2. To the author of this article, Trump hasn’t lost yet! And with the overwhelming list of credible sources, this “election” WAS stolen !! By about 7 MILLION VOTES !!!
    If KAMMALLLA HARRIS – oh, I meant Hiden Biden AKA slow Joe gets anointed, I give Joe about 2-3 months before they article 25 him. In any case, kiss our America bye,bye – welcome to Communist land.

    1. Lock and load, Bro. It’s coming. When I was in ‘Nam we always believed that the important thing was to take some down with you. semper Fi!!

    2. Yup, they’ll kick out radon gas basement joe, and now the female anti-christ is in, lucifer will be hi 5’ing headboard heels.

    3. Only 1% of Democrats voted for Harris during the Primary, so that means 99% of Americans did not want her to be President. Yet, here we are, with Harris a mouse sneeze away from the Oval Office. What are the odds that she serves her full term? Would want to be her.

  3. Trump: 410 electoral votes to Bye-din’s 128. Umm, someone ought to let the author know they got that one wrong. Although this is a satirical article you would think they would get that right? I guess the golf joke wouldn’t have worked though…I digress. Well, I guess the upside here is it wasn’t a “Thought Crime”. I think maybe a thoughtless crime is a better way to put it. Sorry but those bitches probably won’t even let their eunech husbands or boyfriend’s breath on them while they are mating(Wow, I hope not-stupid people should NOT breed or breath!) if they are not Lesbians or Lesbians-In-Training. Socialist ‘Carens’ need to Shut The Fuck Up and go back to RHEEEEING. Ahhh, they will get lots of time for that after Trump wins fair and square or just locks up all the Swamp Creatures. Just my 2 cents.

  4. Pity party – probably on your end but the legal pursuit of truthful votes is just that, legal and just to ensure free and fair voting and counting of legal votes!

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