Analysis shows Biden received a statistically impossible percentage of votes from ballot dumps in Georgia

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An in-depth analysis of election night data from Georgia shows that Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s supposed win in that state is actually statistically impossible.

This analysis was conducted by a user on YouTube known only by the pseudonym “Endeez.”  He analyzed a batch of 23,487 ballots that were counted and found that nearly 98 percent of those votes went straight for Biden.

This was not because the votes for both candidates were being updated separately. This meant that the numbers show that “Trump did not receive any corresponding entries for Biden’s batch.”

Late into Nov. 3rd, results from Georgia showed that President Donald Trump had a lead of over 100,000 votes against Biden. At one point the president was up by as much as 57 percent to Biden’s own 42 percent.

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This lead suddenly disappeared after almost all of the succeeding batches of votes were won by Biden, who was able to close the gap and eventually surpass Trump’s share of the votes.

“Statistical impossibility” came from DeKalb County

Endeez analyzed timestamped election night data from Edison Research that was obtained from the website of the New York Times. The data showed the total number of votes that were released in each new batch, but the numbers were unable to verify how many ballots went to each candidate. (Related: New York Times columnist urges Democrats to commit voter fraud in Georgia.)

Instead of total ballot counts, the data showed the percentage of total votes each candidate held after the batch was counted. Furthermore, these percentage-based updates were only calculated to one-tenth of a percent, meaning that analysts could not properly capture how many votes went to each candidate in every batch of ballots.

Endeez was able to account for this and showed the minimum and the maximum number of votes Biden and Trump could receive after every percentage update.

With this in mind, Endeez found out that Biden received 45.8 percent of the votes counted. However, the number of votes that the former vice president would need to reach 45.8 percent is 97.9779 percent of the ballots that were counted.

Endeez points out that, statistically speaking, this would be the highest vote allocation Biden would ever receive, even higher than the highest reported allocation in one batch of absentee ballots in Georgia.

“According to official data released by the state of Georgia, the county in which Biden received the highest percentage of total absentee by mail votes was DeKalb County at 86.39 percent,” said Endeez.

“That makes this batch of votes extremely suspect, even if every single allowance is made and assuming it’s 100 percent mail-in [ballots] from the most heavily Democratic county,” he added.

Multiple reports of election fraud have come out from Georgia, such as one story from The Epoch Times about recount witnesses who swore in affidavits that they saw Trump votes being counted as Biden votes.

The “official” count in Georgia shows that Biden is leading the president by a razor-thin margin of 12,670 votes. If all these irregularities are presented in court and the judge rules in Trump’s favor, the Peach State’s 16 Electoral College votes might be returned to the president.

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  1. I have found the same conclusions as Endeez. I spent a career in pattern recognition and statistics and teach statistics at 2 year and 4 year schools. The absentee ballots dumps that occurred in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania are impossible without fraud. If you consider the rest of the country and the range for Biden to receive absentee/mail-in ballots. The results in those three states is improbable that if we suspended the belief of fraud for a moment, you could not see such a result for all three states occurring , taking into account the time to count such a sample of 150,000 to 300,000 ballots, you would not see this result for the entire age of our universe.

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