SHADY: Georgia Recount in Fulton County Delayed By Dominion Server Crash


The recount in Georgia’s Fulton County has been delayed due to the Dominion Voting Systems mobile server crashing on Sunday evening.

Officials in the county, which includes Atlanta, said that the server was newly purchased.

“Technicians from Dominion have been dispatched to resolve the issue,” Fulton County officials said in a statement obtained by local station WXIA-TV. “The Georgia Secretary of State’s office has also been alerted to the issue and is aware of efforts to resolve the problem.”

The latest incident involving Dominion will certainly not help the bad image that the controversial company has earned. Many Republicans, including President Donald Trump, have pointed to severe anomalies and outright fraud in the areas that happened to have Dominion voting machines.

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The Washington Examiner reports that officials said the vote recount is expected to resume Monday morning.

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  1. Why are the people from Dominion even allowed in the USA, much less near a voting machine? The voting machines, (computers) were set to switch X amount of votes per 100 from Trump to Biden and then malfunction when opened to check bringing in people from Dominion who can make the machine look legit. Voting has changed a lot and only opened more avenues for fraud since I and other WWII babies started voting.

  2. “Technicians from Dominion have been dispatched to resolve the issue”
    BS. More likely they’re covering up evidence of the voter fraud algorithm.
    The Trump hating top dog at Dominion (I made f*cking sure Trump won’t win) has already been dicking around with the machines in Georgia in the weeks ahead of the voting. He’s hiding out now, nowhere to be found, has tried to erase his digital footprints all over the internet, such as twatter and FB. I suspect he’s bailed to some non-extradition EU nation so he can’t be brought to trial.

  3. Ok ok, why is sensitive government data like VOTING information being Stored on private company servers? That in and of itself should be a huge security risk.

    The fact it IS being stored on their servers is terrifying.

  4. The data is stored on Hillary’s bathroom server next to the Benghazi emails and the other 33000 missing emails the FBI can’t seam to produce. Nothing to see here…just move on.😱☠️🤮

  5. At this point who believes anything that the is reported about the selection of jo Bydumb by the corrupt Democrat party and their cohorts in the media? I say selected because the election was rigged and everyone knows it ,jo Biden was selected probably because he is soo stupid that the Democrats know that he will be a puppet president and will rubber stamp every stupid Democrat bill that crosses his desk

  6. As an American citizen there’s no way we can never trust the count for voting in this country again unless we go through every ballot detector circuit dirt all the signatures for the ballots and where they come from or voting in America are you going to happen no more and the people that think That there is fraud in the voting system for 2020 need to stand up and fight just give us the place iwill be there To show America that we all want the boat checked and rechecked the signatures the machines all aspects of it to give us confidence if not we are all be ready to stand up and fight coming from an American veteran at a spot for things to be right in this country

  7. These rat bastards need to be run out of this country. Why is it we can’t handle our own work without outsourcing it to the lowest bidder and easiest to corrupt vendors?

    It is time that WE THE PEOPLE aka us citizens rise up as a group and take back the country from these radical left with terrorist.

  8. In the small town in which I grew up, there was a saying that “A bad excuse is better than no excuse at all.” How can it be that a hardware malfunction on one machine can bring processing to a grinding halt? You mean 30+ states bought this system, & it has no failover capabilities? Why should anyone believe anything Dominion tells us? Time to perp walk these dudes.

  9. The days of secret votes should end. Serves no purpose but to create corruption.
    All voting booths should display a scoreboard on the top or outside the booth with a running total. You step in, vote and the number goes up 1 accordingly then you can verify accuracy when you step out.

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