Can Tom Hanks bring America together for Biden’s inauguration?


No, Tom Hanks will not unite Americans any closer together than we already are right now, which is not united at all. Hanks is Hollywood’s idea of an actor with a non-partisan appeal. He’s been chosen to host a 90-minute primetime Inauguration Day Special titled Celebrating America. We are about to be under the complete control of the Democrats and Hollywood is ready to celebrate.

I suppose the idea is for viewers to think of Hanks’ portrayal of kindly Mr. Rogers or Forrest Gump, not of Ben Bradlee of The Post. Yet, that reasoning doesn’t really fly, given his political involvement, always in support of Democrats. He’s beloved by almost everyone, we are told. The special program will be shown everywhere – ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, and MSNBC. It will also be streamed on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch on January 20 at 8:30 p.m. It will be seen on Amazon Prime Video, Microsoft Bing, NewsNOW from Fox, and AT&T DIRECTV and U-verse as well as the Presidential Inaugural Committee’s social media feed. Sounds like a good night for the Hallmark Channel movies for me.

According to The Presidential Inauguration Committee, the special aims to “showcase the American people’s resilience, heroism, and unified commitment to coming together as a nation to heal and rebuild.” It will also pay tribute to those who are helping the country through the coronavirus crisis, from health care workers to teachers.

This program is set to feature remarks from President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Additionally, it will spotlight performances from Demi Lovato, Justin Timberlake, Ant Clemons, Jon Bon Jovi, and more to be announced.

“We have witnessed countless heroes this past year step up to the frontlines and serve their fellow Americans,” said Tony Allen, the CEO of Biden’s Presidential Inaugural Committee in a statement, “so we are telling their stories, spreading their collective light, and celebrating the best of our country and its people with this primetime program.”

I’ll note here that it is no surprise that Microsoft and Google are part of inauguration programming. The companies, as well as Verizon, are listed as donors to Biden’s Inauguration Committee. Google, along with other platforms, is busy shutting down conservative voices.

News that Google donated to the inaugural committee comes amid conservative furor after the tech company said it would suspend social media platform Parler’s listing from its Play Store, citing a failure to moderate “egregious content” related to violence at the U.S. Capitol this week.

In addition, Big Tech employees have landed top posts on the Biden-Harris transition team and Republicans are raising concerns that the additions to the team and the next administration are “evidence” that Silicon Valley “works hand in glove” with Democratic politicians.

At least nine different Biden transition team members or advisers previously held positions at Facebook, Google, or Twitter. And several transition team members worked in the Obama administration before joining one of the tech giants and then later reentering politics as part of the Biden team.

Biden received roughly $12 million in contributions from employees in the “Internet” industry during the 2020 campaign, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Other corporations and organizations on the Biden Inaugural Committee’s donor list include Comcast, Qualcomm, Boeing, United Food and Commercial Workers and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

No donations were accepted from fossil fuel companies, their executives or PACs organized by them, though, because they are evil, you know.

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COVID-19 safety protocols will be in place for the inauguration but most parts of the activities will be held virtually. Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in on the Capitol steps. A focus will be on heroes.

“This inauguration presents a unique opportunity to spotlight the resilience and spirit of an America United,” said PIC CEO Tony Allen in a statement today. “We have witnessed countless heroes this past year step up to the frontlines and serve their fellow Americans, so we are telling their stories, spreading their collective light, and celebrating the best of our country and its people with this prime-time program,” the Delaware State University president added.

“Our first priority is safety — so while many of us will be watching safely from our homes, we are creating real moments of connection that highlight a new inclusive American era of leadership that works for and represents all Americans,” Allen concluded.

Today a fundraiser was announced to benefit the Inauguration Committee with the help of actors from The West Wing, Scandal, and Designated Survivor. Kal Penn, a Designated Survivor cast member and ex-Obama staffer will be the “ringmaster”.

The theme for the Biden inauguration is ‘America United’. It is as though they think if they say the word ‘united’ enough that it will be true. Americans are not united today and will not be united on January 20. The election only drove a fractured country further apart. Biden blathers on about unity while he blasts Trump supporters as jerks, clowns, and in the case of Senators Hawley and Cruz, today’s version of Joseph Goebbels.

Biden is unifying The Swamp and former presidents, too.

Former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton will join Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris at Arlington National Cemetery for a wreath-laying ceremony after Biden’s swearing-in.

Trump tweeted last week that he will not attend Biden’s inauguration. That was the last tweet allowed by Twitter before it shut down his account.

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  1. Many Americans might need to ponder the quote by, Isoroku Yamamoto;

    I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.

  2. In my almost 65 years of life, there have only been a few celebrities that I would like to meet in person, one would have been Bob Hope and another would be Tom Hanks.

    I just hope and pray that Mr. Hanks will remain pro-American, pro-Patriot and to NOT support liberal, radical, socialism and against hate rhetoric against people that might support opposing thoughts or ideas… It is ok for us to dis-agree because dis-agreement can be a catalyst for creative thinking and/or innovation that ends up even better that what the opposing sides wanted…

    Left + Right = Making America Great, as we have always been… we must add our thoughts and beliefs, not let them subtract or divide us…

    God Bless America and keep us believing in the genius of our founding fathers…

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