WATCH NOW: Biden’s Cabinet Secrets: Marching Toward the Great Reset

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Joe Biden’s administration is getting ready for something historic, but we’re all being distracted. And now that Biden has hired at least 14 former or current executives from Big Tech — experts at colluding to censor unflattering news about Biden — Americans must be laser-focused on what’s coming.

On January 20, the most corrupt president in American history will be inaugurated, and it looks like some of his cabinet choices were picked specifically so everything just – poof – goes away. The administration nominees appear to be all about preserving corruption, crony capitalism, and executing a Great Reset. Those same people also have one more thing in common: Ukraine.

Tonight at 9 p.m. ET, 8 p.m. CT, Glenn exposes their radical agenda in their own words and gives U.S. senators the questions they must ask before confirming corrupt nominees to some of the highest offices in the country.

[embedded content]

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  1. My wife and I are in awe. What has happened to this country? Are people really that stupid to vote for and try to promote these idiot’s agendas?
    There is a reason that we are not “members” of the social community. You will not find us on Facebook, Twitter or any of the other. so called, social media. The most basic reason for this is it is not “social” media. People will not say the things that they say on “social media” to your face or if they were sitting in the same room with you. We have created a hate platform with all of this and all we are doing is destroying each other while making Mark Zuckerburg and the rest of these super-rich moguls a lot of money. Wake up Americans! Get off of the stupid internet and start relating to each other.

  2. i have never had a facebook or twitter account—best moves ive never done–we need to drive these sites out of our lives forever–

  3. Pro life, freedom of religion, the Constitution, free speech, law and order – all will be eliminated. White Conservatives, Patriots and Veterans are all the enemy now. Biden will be back in his basement soon enough. Then the Socialist will crush all Americans that have an opposite view. People are trusting the Government propaganda numbers on a fake pandemic. They get to go out, not wear mask, and vacation. Because they are still getting a paycheck while they crush the economy. They send billions of our tax dollars to other countries while we suffer and we allow racial division, mask mandates, riots, and the economy to suffer. States are still collecting taxes from small business – even when they are not allowed to operate. Democrats promoted the destruction and over 30 deaths related to riots of 2020. Stock up!! Get prepared because what is coming is not good. It is only gonna get worse and it is gonna be very evil. Your vote is rendered useless and your voice and freedoms will be cancelled. Welcome to Socialist 2021.

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