Biden Vows to Destroy Small Businesses with $15 Per Hour Federal Minimum Wage (VIDEO)


Joe Biden on Thursday vowed to destroy what’s left of small businesses with a $15 per hour federal minimum wage.

Biden unveiled a $1.9 trillion Covid relief plan which included a $15 per hour minimum wage, $30 billion in rental assistance and a ban on evictions and foreclosures until the end of September 2021.

Democrats and RINOs destroyed small businesses with unconstitutional Covid lockdown orders.

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Biden promised to help only all non-white owned businesses to reopen and rebuild — whites need not apply.

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Now he’s seeking to destroy jobs and put more stress on small businesses that made it through Covid lockdowns.

“There should be a national minimum wage of $15 an hour. No one working 40 hours a week should live below the poverty line,” said Biden.

Minimum wage hikes will lead to robot replacement and less hours for employees.


Seattle gradually raised its minimum wage to $15 per hour and it was a total disaster for small businesses and consumers.

A Subway franchise owner in Seattle told that the $15 per hour wage hike hit her business hard:

“After Seattle implemented a $15 minimum wage, my business went from having seven employees to three. We used to have the ability to hire and train younger and entry-level employees, but now we don’t have the margins to hire inexperienced workers anymore. Now, we’re faced with the very real prospect of closing. The lesson from Seattle is that Congress can’t mandate its way to wage growth and prosperity, because those mandates hit small businesses hard.”

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    1. Then we as Americans insist that Biden and Harris be removed before they even take office and allow Trump to REMAIN in OFFICE because Biden and the Wicked Witch Harris will destroy our nation and turn it into another China. Or there will be another War right here in the USA. The White House will be the first building to come down.

      1. If Biden does that I will not hire not one single black person to work in my company either and I own a small business and I speak for the Southern Small Business Alliance.

  1. If the minimum wage is raised to $15 then fast food prices will increase and small businesses will either raise prices or lay people off.

    1. No , infact if someone making 10hr jumps to 15 hr their checks will actually even be less with the taxes they are going to inact. He promised it during his campaign

  2. As a small business owner I can’t afford to pay myself that much because you add additional employer taxes on top. I can drop my paycheck back into the business but the taxes are gone.
    I expect to convert my campground to a homestead, time to enjoy my land on my terms.

  3. If we have to lay employees off, it will be the one’s who fought for the minimum wage hike. Life lesson. The Federal Government shouldn’t be in the business of mandating these requirements on states. The states should be free to determine what is a fair minimum wage. Minimum wage in Los Angeles isn’t the same as minimum wage in Louisiana. Let’s go back to Using the Constitution as the Law of the Land.

  4. The Democrats in their grandiose scheme to make the country a better place for Americans fail to understand life in the real world and the long term consequences of the laws that they would force on us and the devastating consequences that they have on the long term future of our economy

  5. What this idiot doesn’t realize is that small business feeds big business. Has he ever run a small business? No, he has been in politics his whole career! Without the smaller suppliers and shops that feed the larger, everything collapses into a pile of rubble. Or is this what he is aiming for to begin with? You may want to rethink this whole thing, because if you piss off your own party along with everyone else, the whole country will come at you like a rabid dog!

  6. Working in retail for all our lives, we understand more then most of these Morons who want to or are raising the mim. wage to $15. and know that you can’t have your cake and eat it too. meaning that if pay goes up that fast or high percentages, the product to sell to make the money to pay the employees must also be raised from the ground floor to the top. the basic materials used to make the products, then the shipping to the factories to make the product, and then the shipping to the retail stores . plus any benefits paid to any employees from the bottom basic materials…… no way can this be sucessful as we will be hit with the highest inflation level in our history. Liberals have the brains of (oh wait, they don’t have any brains) or never use them other then wanting to fight more with hands out for more, (GREEDY) and they eithe don’t realize they are destroying America, or they know they are destroying her. so either way the democrats are the enemy of our retail businesses which means they are the enemy of our nation for the corruption they have been and will be causing. we need govt out of our private business lives.

  7. Pervert Joe has no “F” N idea what he is doing………………..

    He is a ” Fence Post Turtle”

    A Turtle does not belong on a fence post, and somebody had to put it there.

    Just like “o” bama

    He did N O T belong there either…

  8. The smart thing to do is low minimum wage, and subsidize people for necessities such as cost of rent. That helps small business afford employees, and is using taxes from people who make more to subsidize small business by subsidizing the employees. Can’t there be such a thing as “Trickle Up Theory”? Trees do it, and look how tall they get.

  9. The worse this economy gets from this point forward, the quicker we’ll be able to get Trump bank in as President, which if the demorats had any brains should easily be able to see the difference of how much better a free society and economy works, but that is not what they want, nor is what they are really after in the long run, which is why they wanted to impeach him a 2nd time, so they can be in power over everything we do, everything we say, and how we protect ourselves or not for the long haul. They have succeed so far in the short run, but they will figure out real quick what $15/hr. and failed Covid policies will do nothing but take this new DSSA (Divided Socialist States of America) backwards to where Vinezueala is sitting so fast, it’s not even funny.. As what they also don’t realize, if the minimum wage is raised by 40% to $15/hr; then everyone else that is in a specialized/technical position will also deserve a proportionate raise for their exceptional expertise and years of experience over what someone that only knows how to flip a burger knows, but now is making at $15hr doing that same job. I guess as a R/E Appraiser making $70K, I should ask my boss for a 40% raise and see what he says about wanting to now have to pay me $98K doing the same work as they did before for the same work I’m doing now. Not that I would ever mind a 40% raise, but it took me a long time to get to this point, as I’m in my 50s now, and I deserve it, but that is not the going rate nor what the position demands in the open job market. This is going to backfire on all of us so bad, just like some old stumbling POTUS dude pissing in the wind!! Will you all Say Bye Don with me!!!

  10. Lets be realistic. The Democrats war on small business is back on in full. Only big business can afford the COVID lockdowns. They can just wait it out and make political contributions and bribes. The small business killing Obama care will be back too. We will do what we have to to survive because we are the ones who will look at the new rules and adapt, overcome, and remember.

  11. If the minimum wage is $15 and hour it affects small business. What it does for people struggling is we will no longer be able to get food stamps or medical. Everything else goes up and leaves us with nothing to rely on. The same is true for the Social Security increase. With more money in our check we no longer qualify for medical help or Food Stamps. I would like to see a congressman buy food for a month with only $200 in food stamps if we are lucky enough to get that much. We will no longer be able to get housing assistance either. Making $15 an hour sounds nice but there are too many other things that we will no longer be able to buy or get help with. What it is going to do is the small business will have to close or they will resort to paying people under the table so both parties can eat. The rich will get richer and the poor will have to resort to illegal activities to survive. All you have to do is try to live on $1500. a month and you will see why we have to resort to things we shouldn’t have to.

  12. I wonder if Joe’s been offered a seat in the Chinese parliament, or better still, a CEO’s position in one of the many Chinese companies that will soon dominate the American economy. If we want to save this country, it’s time to start the impeachment process against Joe Sshmoe and don’t let up.

  13. When Obamacare was thrown down our throats, it was mandated that employees who worked above 30 hours per week would be able to get this POS Government program. What ended up happening was that countless employees started receiving less hours. Of course their paychecks were reduced substantially. You don’t hear about all of the corrupt BS in this program. People don’t remember when Pelosi was asked about what was in the New 2,700 page Obamacare mandate, she replied we’ll find out when she reads it. Furthermore, there was a Congressional investigation into Obamacare. They interviewed the MIT professor who created the fundamentals of this garbage. The interview was delayed when Diane Feinstein from California got in front of reporters and TV cameras and announced America’s participation in waterboarding war criminals.
    With the millions of businesses, especially Mom and Pop stores going out of business due to the Chinese Virus, $15.00 per hour wage will destroy the remaining economy. Then we’ll hear again about millions and millons of citizens losing their jobs.
    The libtards will break the back of our nation until the Conservatives/Republicans grow a backbone. Maybe a New Third Party could become a reality.

  14. Yes, let’s listen about how to run a small business, from a Moron that has never held a private job. let alone run a company with employees. Just make it $50/hr, so a cheeseburger will only
    cost $100…………………..

  15. Joe and the Hoe know exactly what they are doing. By making the people dependent upon the government they have to do what the government wants. You live good in the short term but you lose your independence. If they keep their thumb down on the businesses especially the small they’ll eventually turn us into a Third World country. If that happens people vote Democratic just so they don’t have to get out on their own. It’s amazing how about 700 people control 330 million.

  16. Joe and the Hoe know exactly what they are doing. By making the people dependent upon the government they have to do what the government wants. You live good in the short term but you lose your independence. If they keep their thumb down on the businesses especially the small they’ll eventually turn us into a Third World country. If that happens people vote Democratic just so they don’t have to get out on their own. It’s amazing how about 700 people control 330 million.

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