Roger Stone’s Wife Hospitalized After Being Attacked By Leftist Goon While Walking Her Dog


Roger Stone’s wife was attacked by a leftist goon while walking her dog in her neighborhood on Thursday.

Nydia Stone was attacked so viciously that she was hospitalized and will require surgery.

“Roger Stone’s handicapped wife beaten badly by deranged leftist man while walking her dog in her own neighborhood, currently in hospital,” the Proud Boys posted on Telegram, according to a report from Big League Politics.

Stone’s spokesman, Rev. Randy Coggins, said in a statement that the attack took place in front of their home.

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“It is true that Nydia Stone was attacked by a leftist on a bicycle in front of their home and that she was already convalescing from a very bad dog bite sustained the week before and reported Broward County animal control. This re-opened a gash in her knee which required a visit to the emergency room,” Coggins said.

“Her injury will require surgery but she is home and doing fine and more angry than she is injured. It’s amazing how many hundreds of thousands of people have inquired with their questions and offered their prayers. The Stone family is grateful,” Coggins added.

Nydia and Roger married in Las Vegas in 1992 after meeting in the 1980s.

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  1. All violance is wrong, but it has become a norm,people are arming themselves at a very high rate, you can’t get the police they are usually tied up so who are you going to call? Folks your going to have to defend yourselves.l

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