UNREAL: FOX News Reportedly Considering Hiring Brother Of Former Obama Adviser As New CEO


Ever since election night in 2020, the ratings at FOX News have been in free-fall. Millions of loyal fans felt betrayed when the network called Arizona early for Biden while holding off calling other obvious wins for Trump.

Now they are considering firing their current CEO, instead of people like Chris Wallace and Juan Williams.

The stunning thing about this is that they are reportedly considering hiring David Rhodes, the brother of former Obama adviser Ben Rhodes, as their new chief.

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How is this supposed to bring their fans back? If anything, this would make matters even worse.

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Showbiz 411 reports:

Fox News in Ratings Freefall as Maddow Trounces Hannity, Former CBS News Chief David Rhodes Eyes Top Job

It’s panic time at my old stomping grounds, Fox News.

There are reports that Suzanne Scott, who’s been running the show since Roger Ailes was destroyed and ousted, is on her way out. David Rhodes, former head of CBS News, who started under Ailes at Fox in 1996, is said to be in line to take over. He returned to Fox News almost a year ago and is running the London operation.

What’s happened? Fox News is in a ratings freefall. During the day and afternoon CNN is now beating it over the head. Later, at 9pm, Rachel Maddow has opened a wide lead over Sean Hannity. On Wednesday night, when the impeachment vote was happening, Maddow scored 4,7 million viewers. Hannity had under just 3.3 million.

Maddow trounced Hannity every day this week, actually. And that translated into the 10pm slot, with Lawrence O’Donnell handing Laura Ingraham her hat, as they used to say. As in: here’s your hat, what’s your hurry?

If FOX News has any interest in winning back the fans they’ve lost in recent months, this is the worst way of doing it.

It’s difficult to think of a more tone deaf decision than bringing on someone with a direct connection to Obama.

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