California city takes immediate action after ‘racist’ banner declaring ‘White Lives Matter’ found in park

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Officials in a northern California promptly removed a “White Lives Matter” that was posted on city property over the weekend, declaring the sign a “despicable act of vandalism.”

What happened?

According to KPIX-TV, police in Union City — a town not far from Oakland — took down the banner early Saturday morning. Law enforcement conducted an investigation into the banner, but concluded that no crime had been committed.

The crux of the issue, according to Union City Mayor Carol Dutra-Vernaci, is that whoever erected the banner did not have the proper permit to place it on city-owned property.

In a statement, the city said it was “disgusted” by the “racist” sign.

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“The city is disgusted by this despicable act of vandalism that has occurred on the heels of the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol last week and on the weekend of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday that celebrates the life and achievements of this important civil rights leader,” the city said, KTVU-TV reported.

City leaders also said they will “remain on heightened alert to make sure racist incidences like this do not happen again in our community.”

Saying ‘White Lives Matter’ is racist?

According to the Anti-Defamation League, the phrase “White Lives Matter” is a racist dog whistle, but “Black Lives Matter” is not.

“White Lives Matter” is a white supremacist phrase that originated in early 2015 as a racist response to the Black Lives Matter movement, which arose to protest against police brutality against African-Americans and garnered considerable publicity in 2014 for protests in Ferguson, Missouri, following the shooting death of Michael Brown at the hands of a Ferguson police officer.

Since 2015, white supremacists in several states, especially members of the Texas-based white supremacist group Aryan Renaissance Society, have promoted the slogan “White Lives Matter” with flyers and protests, forming a loose campaign to popularize the phrase. By 2016 other white supremacist groups, including Ku Klux Klan groups, were also using the slogan, and it soon became a staple among white supremacist mantras, continuing even after the original campaigners ceased their activities.

Indeed, an NAACP official near Union City, Freddye Davis, told KPIX that whoever erected the “White Lives Matter” banner does not understand the phrase “Black Lives Matter.”

“It does not mean that other lives [don’t] matter because they do. But if you look at history, the Black lives are the ones that have gotten the worse end of the stick,” Davis said.

Meanwhile, cities nationwide painted “Black Lives Matter” murals last summer following the tragic death of George Floyd.

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  1. If “Black Lives Matter” isn’t racist but “White Lives Matter” is can someone please explain why? What the hell does the color of one’s skin have to do with what’s racist and what isn’t. These leftist forget one thing: we are all one race called human and we must exist on this planet forever. It’s all about seizing power using the means in their bibles: “Rules for Radical” and “The Communist Manifesto”. Before Obama race really wasn’t an issue. Put someone in charge who believes in these two bibles and you have the making of a communist revolution of what we are now in the middle of. Hold on tight the next four years are going to be rocky.

    1. You are so correct, but we have not seen the worst. BLM is in reality a Marxist organization and the Leader is Biden.

  2. The true racists are democrats and blacks. They make their entire political agenda go around screaming, racists!

  3. They also forget that the cops murder more unarmed white people then they do any other race, combined. You don’t hear about it, because it does not fit the agenda of the left leaning media and the other race baiters. It sounds like this so-called mayor is one of them.

    1. The main cause of death to young black men are other black men….If black lives really mattered to the black community they would address this problem first. It’s called “cleaning your own house first”.

  4. The facts are The BLACK LIVES MATTER SIGN is exclusive! It is grammatically wrong! It means exactly what it says! It could be fixed by adding the word (TOO) If you are not black does your life matter???? Not according to black lives matter sign! But the brainwashed will swallow just about anything they are told to say! Who ever said white lives matter is RACIST and Black live matter isn’t! Is not very bright and extremely gullible! Claiming it means something else is even dumber!

  5. Is the all Black caucus in Washington DC RACIST????? They don’t allow any whites to vote in their caucus! We don’t get to have an all white caucus! A Spanish Caucus! An Asian caucus! If we had a club where Blacks were not allowed is that Racist?? So when Blacks do it in the nations capital why is it not just as racist? Way to many people are brainwashed! IT IS CALLED EQUAL JUSTICE FOR THOSE THAT CAN’T THINK FOR THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!

  6. The black guy is right about the short end of the stick but mind-reading should be left up to the Swami’s and unless said otherwise then White Lives Matter means “just” that!
    Both races have their share of “Gimmy” people but during my past 82 years on this planet I’m led to believe that a greater number of Blacks prefer to be on the dole than their White counterparts.
    I guess us Whities are just getting a little tired of having to support two families.

  7. Being a racist has nothing to do with race or the color of a person’s skin. It has nothing about Antifa, Proud Boys, or any other groups, so I am told by a man that I have known since 1969. Being racist is not doing as you are told by an individual or a group. In other words, if I don’t agree with you, and your skin is purple, I’m a racist. WOW!!
    So, if a rich person, such as the Speaker of the House, calls me a racist, I should give her a kiss and thank her because I don’t agree with her, or with most Democrats. I’m an anti-Democratic racist. What about the people from BLM who doesn’t like a white woman because she believes and stated “that all lives matter.” And then is stabbed to death for saying that. Who is the racist? The black BLM person or the white woman?
    I someone doesn’t agree with them you’re a racist. I guess we’re all racist and that means that words doesn’t mean a damn thing. At least, it shouldn’t
    SO, I feel and believe that if the Democrats try to harm President Trump, in any way, each and everyone person of the Democratic leadership should also be impeached. What goes or happens now, will only come back and bite someone in the butt, in the future. Hey, that should be funny the House and the Senate impeaching each other. Now, that would be fun to see. Let’s start impeaching Schiff (for lying to Congress and the American people for a starter, more to come), Pelosi (for not doing her job, not taking care of the people because she hates a President), Waters(for having a big mouth and trying to violence), Schumer(for being a liar, and dishonest), Bidden(for illegal acts with foreign governments, lying to the people), Romney(for being the biggest back stabber), and the list goes on and on. Our Congress would never get anything done, oh, I’m sorry, they haven’t done much in over 4 years. They must all be racist.

  8. What else did you expect. Most of us Americans are of the mutt variety. For instant, I’m Norwegian, Swedish, Irish, Welch, and Cherokee. I’m an American who is sick of being labeled. I, and most of ancestors, (some of whom just might have been some of the Irish slaves at the beginning of our nation), are not racists, or bigots.
    We’ve worked hard trying, with each new generation, to do better, and give our kids, a life a bit better than ours. I’ve had folks of all skiing color, faith, and ethnic, background sit at my table. Our neighborhood growing up was truly integrated, (military type housing). Our neighbor, which o happened to be Colored, (sorry that’s what they preferred to be called in our neighborhood), Mexican, Filipino, if we’d done something wrong, would give us a smack on the bottom, along with their own kids, and send us home, where gave us another smack on the bottom, for upsetting the neighbor. We were taught that we were no better than anyone else, but they were no better then us. I realize how fortunate I was to be raised that way. Right now I find myself so sick of name-calling, finger pointing blame, and arrogance, on both sides of the issue. I will not apologize for who I am.
    I’m a Christian. I’m not ‘proud’ to be a Christian, but neither am I ashamed.
    We need to stand up the the bullies on both sides, and become Americans once again. God Bless America and heal her.

  9. This is ridiculous. Saying Black Lives Matter is acceptable but saying White Lives Matter is racist. Really? All lives matter regardless of colour.. BLM/Antifa does not care about the black community where are they when gang killings happened or black on black killings ? Trying to improve their community or reduce unemployment? What good have they brought to their community? Nothing They are using their trauma and pain and weaponising it against them. This is to get you outraged and angry They don’t care all they want is division, destruction and mayhem. Condemning white people like we all are privileged. Sorry that’s not at all acceptable or accurate. Many white people are subjected to harassment from police, authorities it’s not just dished out to black peoples. White people are discriminated against everyday as are all people regardless of their colour . There is no place for discrimination in the world we are all equal.

  10. Perhaps if groups like the NAACP and ACLU shifted their emphasis away from old history to the current status of civil rights in America, they would get more buy-in to their arguments. How many more centuries will people who had nothing to do with the abuse of black people be punished for their dead ancestor’s acts? IT is getting totally ridiculous. The Democrats have done an excellent job in the past 50-60 years at brain-washing the black community into a total victim attitude. Fact is, black lives matter less to black people than they do to white folk. Just take a look at the stats on black-on-black crime compared to white-on-black crime. I rest my case.

  11. I don’t see anything racist or disgusting about this banner. Good for the folks who had the intestinal fortitude to stand up to those real racists, the woke generation and participating politicians.

  12. As a 67 year old white coot, I think that I need to join the BLM…: BELT LOOPS MATTER!! PULL UP YOUR FRICKIN PANTS!!!

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