Leaked Zoom Call Shows US Federal Employees Conspiring to Sabotage the Trump Administration (VIDEO)


The Deep State runs deep.

A leaked Zoom call has surfaced online showing a number of US Government officials discussing how to sabotage the Trump Administration.  They admit doing this through leaking or withholding information.

The group even praised a statement by President Harry S. Truman where he said:

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“I thought I was the president, but when it comes to these bureaucrats, I can’t do a damned thing.  So the bottom line in this is that we all as ordinary people and as federal workers have power.

The facilitator is Sarah Starrett who works as an attorney for the Dept. of Labor, which is a conflict of interest.

Readers say the video comes from Millie Weaver and Tore who have people embedded. This comes from the work they’re doing to help take down these saboteurs.

These people were proud to call what they were doing – a coup. And at least one of the employees said he leaked information to the press regularly and anonymously.

These people should be identified, investigated, fired, and indicted if they committed crimes.  Liberals are a cancer on America.  Unfortunately, the US Justice Department will not enforce the law on liberal lunatics who are sabotaging the president and the America we love.

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  1. Sabotage, treason, and coups are the most vile attacks on a nation and are capital offenses. We have too many corrupt lawyers and judges.

    1. The DOJ should move today to seize their computers and phones, extract all information on who is behind them and terminate them no later than tomorrow. Trying to bring down a President from within the government is a Coup….prosecute them now.

  2. We need to remove democrats from any kind of office. They are a cancer to America. Time for republicans to grow a pair and do their job to remove democrats. Rhinos included. They are working for themselves. Definitely not for America.

  3. The whole damn government is corrupt! And the Republicans going along with this are traitors to their country, fellow swamp rats. Time to fire them all!!!!!

  4. Should be fired but, it won’t happen. They will be promoted in time to do more damage if a Republican can find a way to win in 2024

  5. Good little dimoKKKrat traitors.
    Raise your hand if you think anything will be done to this filthy scum.

    That’s what I thought.

  6. “None Dare Call It Treason.”

    That’s what has been taking place. They realized there was a President who could undermine all their efforts, so he had to be destroyed. They’re not after what’s Good for America. They’re after what’s Good for Them.

    And how they sleep at night? They lie to themselves and say what is Good for Them is Good for America.

  7. We finally have had a president who isn’t afraid to say he believes in God. I believe he has continually done what he feels is for the good of America, and it literally makes me sick to see all the people who have betrayed him. I feel that President Trump has made America great again and I fear for what Joe Biden and his team are planning to destroy everything that President Trump has accomplished. I am not a religious fanatic, but I do believe in God and all of His creation, and I think the devil is working in the Biden administration. May God help us all and bless our President Trump for standing up for what he believes is good for America.

  8. Need to require polygraph before being hired to sensitive jobs and then repeat at will during their employment. We have a right to know who we’re hiring before they even get in the door. And we have a right to know if they change horse’s in the middle of the stream.

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