This Time, There May Not Be a Do-Over



istorically, great civilizations self-immolate before they suffer external defeat. Often the seeds of decline are planted at a time when a great power seems to be at the pinnacle of its control and influence. Though it may be hard to accept, this seems to be increasingly the fate of America today, where a toxic mix of ever-more unaccountable elites, frayed internal culture and class warfare, and inflamed racial divisions has begun to splinter the most successful democratic republic in history into a nation of warring tribes. The United States seems poised to emerge from the rubble left in the wake

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  1. White Conservative Americans need to take this serious. Insurance companies are cancelling policies for Conservative leaning Americans. Social media and main stream media ( propaganda) are censoring and de-platforming true Americans that believe in the Constitution. Criminals and mostly peaceful protesters are being bailed out or just released. People defending their homes and families are being prosecuted. A single mother of 3 could not operate her restaurant but casinos can operate. Churches are being fined, but liquor stores are not bothered. I’m being called a racist just for being white. My ancestor fought for the North, My wife is mixed Black and Hispanic, I have a Hispanic Stepson, two Black Stepsons and one Stepson from a previous marriage that is married to a Transvestite. I can still have Conservative views and still accept people for who they are. Be mindful – the Socialist hammer is falling – Are you in it’s shadow? Because I feel we all are.

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