Will Democrats’ Election-Reform Push Backfire on the Dark-Money Left?



here’s more projection in Washington than in a chain of movie theaters. An excellent example of this is the Left’s relentless attack on “dark money,” cast as a distinctly conservative poison polluting American politics. So goes the hooey.

Just what it is, how much of it there is, who gets the bulk of the dark dough, and whether there is an approaching day of ruing for Democrats and their cash-flush “philanthropy” sidekicks, such as Arabella Advisors and the Tides Foundation — the Left’s superlative hypocrisy on the issue is matched by that of a supportive, echo-chamber media — are questions prompted …

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  1. Black Lives don’t matter. Let them march on Washington, D.C. and then shoot them for trespassing. Then the welfare system will be solvent for a few more years.

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